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TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

TGI Friday’s Telly Spoilers on Telly Reviews… Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara spend some romantic moments together. Zara gets too happy thinking of their old days returning. She wishes they always stay free of Ruksar. Ruksar does much drama to gain attention of Kabeer and Zara. She tells Zara that Kabeer is indeed her husband. Zara gets puzzled by her speech. She takes care of Ruksar. Zara feeds her food. Ruksar doesn’t let Zara go to Kabeer. She wants Zara to pamper her and play with her always. She asks Zara to stop and stay back.

Zara tells her that its very late. Ruksar gets adamant. She hurts herself to stop Zara. Zara does the first aid to Ruksar’s injured foot. She explains that she has to see rest of the family as well. Kabeer finds Zara not caring for herself. He gets caring for Zara and feeds her the food. He asks Zara to be fine and happy. Ruksar is playing a new game with them.


Bua ji wants to throw out Muskaan. Lovely stops Gayatri from reacting. Bua ji brings the pandit home, who tells everyone that Muskaan has kundli dosh, and she will bring doom for the family. He tells them that Sir ji will die because of Muskaan. Gayatri asks pandit to keep a puja for Sir ji’s safety. Bua ji doesn’t want Muskaan to stay in the house. Lovely asks Gayatri to let Muskaan go, since they have to think about Sir ji. Ronak gets shocked when Sir ji stops Bua ji from ousting Muskaan. Sir ji asks Gayatri not to worry for his life, nothing will happen to him. He asks her to carry ahead Ronak and Muskaan’s marriage function. Ronak wonders what is he up to that he is supporting Muskaan. He learns the pandit’s plan is also of Sir ji.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni and Suyash romance while riding a cycle. Suyash tells Falguni that the car broke down and now they have to go home, riding a cycle. Suyash and Falguni return home in the morning. Uttara gets jealous seeing their romance. She questions Suyash about his absence at night. Suyash tells Uttara that the car broke down and they got stuck on the way, but some people helped them out. Uttara tries to target Niyati and make her against Falguni. Niyati knows Uttara’s clever drama. She doesn’t fall in Uttara’s words. She fails Uttara’s plans.

Silsila: Mauli rages over Kunal’s blind love… Mishti goes missing in Mauli’s engagement party. This brings tension in the happy moment. Mauli and Ishaan get searching for Mishti. Kunal finds Mishti. He meets Radhika and tries to know the truth about Mishti. When he questions Radhika, she is left with no option than to reveal the truth. He follows Radhika to know more. He returns to the family. He gets to overhear Mishti and Mauli’s conversation. He goes to ask Mauli the truth of Mishti’s father. Mauli scolds him, reminding his mistakes. She tells him that Mishti is just her daughter. He asks if he is Mishti’s father.


Aditya visits Anjana and sinks in pain seeing her. He wishes Rajveer never existed in her life. He feels lost to Rajveer. His entire family has shattered because of Rajveer. Zoya shifts to Mussorie with her family, while Noor informs this to Aditya. On the other hand, a new entry happens in Aditya’s life.

Ishqbaaz: Twists amidst love confessions and remarriage… Shivay and Anika are getting married. After solving Roop’s mess, Anika tells Shivay that she isn’t scared of any bad omens now, since Roop was behind that. She wants to marry him soon. Shivay tells the family that he will be marrying Anika to show the world, but the truth remains that Anika is already his wife. Shivay confesses love to Anika like never seen before. He brings stars literally to their room via the decorations. He expresses his love for Anika and tells her what she means to him.

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