Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New entry to stun Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New entry to stun Ishita… Ishita and her daughters handle Sudha’s clever tricks by taking the baraat for Rohan and Karan at Sudha’s house. They create a huge drama to compel Sudha to fall in front of them. Ishita succeeds in turning Sudha’s sons into her servants, so that the guys learn their mistake of making a mockery of marriage. While Ishita and entire Bhalla family get busy in teaching them a lesson and bringing them on the right path, Sudha comes up with new ways to divert Bhallas’ attention by setting more problems. Sudha isn’t letting Raman and Ishita stay in peace. She traps Raman in false allegations. Raman falls in legal troubles. Sudha adds up troubles for Raman again.

Sudha tells Raman that a mail came for him, a worker’s wife has blamed Raman. Raman gets defamed. The investors suggest Raman to apologize to the woman and give her compensation to end the case. Raman tells them that he isn’t at fault, why would he apologize to anyone. He doesn’t remember any incident.

Sudha tells Raman that the worker died by the accident that occurred in the company, he has give a compensation, he has to help the worker’s family financially and in every way possible. She taunts Raman for being so ignorant. Sudha has planned this to put Raman in trouble. Sudha thinks Ishita can’t solve this problem. Raman has no idea about the past phase, when he wasn’t in his total senses.

Sudha knows about Raman’s memory loss. She traps Raman wisely. She makes the woman claim her rights post the worker’s death. Sudha brings a new drama by plotting the woman in Bhalla house. Raman doesn’t doubt on Sudha, but Ishita suspects Sudha. Sudha tries hard to prove that she isn’t involved in this mess. The new entry stuns Ishita the most, since she didn’t expect Sudha to plant someone in their family.

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