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YRKKH: Kartik clears Naira’s misunderstanding that the love letters were written by Dadi for Dada ji. He tells her that he just loves her and will be of her always. Naira gets glad that Kartik is just of her. They have a moment of romance. Kartik and Naira celebrate Diwali with families. They also invite their extended family members to double the celebrations. Kartik and Naira have cute moments. Gayu’s entry will be bringing twists.

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Samrat takes a disguise and meets Jai. Jai helps the old man thinking he is in trouble. The old man is actually Samrat. Samrat makes a re-entry in Jai and Aadhya’s lives. Samrat starts troubling Jai. He follows Jai and warns him as the hidden enemy. Jai falls in trouble by the poison effect. He gets dizzy while he walks on the road. He breaks down and faints. Samrat wants to kill Jai. He comes up with clever trick.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: A guard gets attacked. Tara doubts that Deep has attacked the guard. Deep takes a disguise of a bodyguard to enter the house. Deep meets Vasundara and tries to convince her that he isn’t done anything wrong. Abhimanyu reaches Deep and Vasundara. She orders Abhimanyu to throw Deep out. Abhimanyu apologizes to Deep and obeys Vasundara’s word. He asks Deep to leave from the house. After Abhimanyu ousts Deep, he meets Aarohi, Tara and Virat to discuss their next plan for finding the mastermind. Deep also works behind the same motive, but in a different way. Deep gets saved from Tara because of his disguise. He fails to explain his truth to Vasundara.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Moloy catches Madhuri when she tries to kill Ronita. Moloy asks Madhuri what is she doing with Ronita. He commands her to leave from the room. He tells Anurag about his suspicion on Madhuri.

Udaan Chakor to strike a chord with Raghav… Chakor wants to conceal Raghav’s truth from Anjor. She gets a new tension when she learns that Raghav wants to cheat her and get away with the money. She learns that Raghav is a thug, who wants to reap the benefits from their sorrowful phase. She regrets to believe Raghav. She is helpless to take his help since his face resembles Suraj. She knows Anjor won’t be able to accept Suraj’s death as a martyr. Chakor gets Raghav at gun point and takes him home. She doesn’t let Raghav leave. She has to keep Raghav in control.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Humiliation time for Sudha & Sons.. Ishita gets Rohan and Karan tortured. Aaliya and Ruhi tie the dogs’ collar to their husbands to insult them publicly. They want to give it back to Rohan and Karan. They reach Srivastav house with baraat. The unique bidaai of the grooms bring fun track in the show. Aaliya and Ruhi show their swag. They turn Sudha helpless. Aaliya and Ruhi get Rohan and Karan to Bhalla house, and trouble them. Sudha and Kaushalya meet the sons at Bhalla house. Sudha gets gifts for them. Ishita insults Sudha and refuses to accept the gifts.

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