Yeh Rishta: Gayu to stun-ruin Naira’s surprise

Yeh Rishta: Gayu to stun-ruin Naira's surprise

Yeh Rishta: Gayu to stun-ruin Naira’s surprise… Kartik and Naira celebrate Diwali with the family happily. Their romance is also seen in between the family moments. The Goenka family invites Singhanias and their extended relations in the huge Diwali celebrations. Naira’s idea to celebrate their treasured relations brings a smile on everyone’s faces. Kartik and Naira bring the novelty surprise of lighting sky lanterns and writing their wishes over it. They make sure that everyone gets their share of happiness.

Kartik and Naira wish that nobody comes between them. They are hopeful that their happiness will be consistent now. Kartik brings the light firecrackers for Lav and Kush. Everyone lights the eco-friendly firecrackers and celebrate Diwali. Lav and Kush thank Kartik for making their Diwali more special by keeping the family united.

Kartik gives the credit to Naira. Kartik-Naira and everyone else dances in the function. Manish, Akhilesh and Samarth also share a leg. Kartik and Naira enjoy a lot with Maheshwaris’ entry. Maheshwaris join Goenkas and Singhanias. The drama goes higher with the entries of old characters. Rajshri, Vishwamber, Varsha and Shaurya are seen after a long time. Akshara’s family praise Naira for re-uniting everyone.


They dearly miss Akshara. Kartik and Naira want to give a gift to each other. their light moments about the missing gifts go on. They come up with unique ideas to fit in the place of gifts. Kartik and Naira’s cute moments will be seen. Gayu re-enters their lives, just to add a new twist. Kartik gets stunned with Gayu’s romantic gesture, which gets unexpected for him. He doesn’t want Gayu to come between Naira and him. Naira too reacts weirdly on seeing Kartik and Gayu. Kartik regards Gayu just as a friend. Naira is aware of Gayu’s love feelings for Kartik. The old love triangle will be revived. Keep reading.

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