Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika strikes deal with Jacky

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika confronts Puneesh. She takes her revenge on him. She gets the kinners home. She makes Puneesh learn a lesson. The kinners insult Puneesh. They blacken his face and beat him up. Vedika and Arya fight their enemy. Puneesh gets punished for his evil deeds. Vedika faints down by the shocking news that Ved is missing. Jacky tries to handle Vedika. He cares for Vedika. He tells Vedika that he will look for Ved. He asks her not to worry for anything, he will manage everything. She asks him to help her. She asks him to come home as Sahil. He knows Vedika is pregnant and needs extra care. He agrees to her request to expose Puneesh.

She makes him promise. Puneesh kidnaps Arya and Ved. He plays this evil game to trouble Vedika. Jacky rushes to save Arya and Ved from the acid tanks. Vedika worries for her children. She wants to save both Arya and Ved. Jacky comes as an angel to save them. Vedika gets glad seeing him. They get saved from Puneesh. Jacky fights with Puneesh and the goons. Vedika knows that Jacky isn’t Sahil. She has to face everything all alone. She gains courage and thinks of Sahil’s move in that situation.

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