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Spoilers on Telly Reviews… Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep and Abhimanyu get into a fight because of Aarohi. Tara calls Aarohi at the isolated place. Abhimanyu accompanies Aarohi. He doesn’t want to leave Aarohi alone. He knows Tara is very dangerous and can do anything. He doesn’t want Aarohi to fall in trouble. Deep stops Abhimanyu and bashes him up. He scolds Abhimanyu for getting him thrown out from the house. Abhimanyu tells Deep that he has done everything on Vasundara’s saying. Deep ties up Abhimanyu. Tara witnesses this and smiles. Aarohi has to save Abhimanyu from Deep now.

Deep has faced much humiliation. He wants to take revenge and teach a lesson to everyone. Deep loves Vasundara a lot. He feels that everyone has taken advantage of his weakness. He wants to hunt for his enemies.


Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer gets angry after watching the play’s climax. Karthik as Shahabuddin does something unpleasant on stage with Naina. Everyone is shocked and angry as Karthik keeps his hand on Naina’s forehead and then smiles. The play director has done some last minute changes, and changed the script. Sameer opposes it and takes a stand for Naina’s esteem.

Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya gets worried for Jay. She reaches him out of concern. She finds Jai sleeping. She cries for Jai and speaks out her feelings to him. She tells him that she loves him a lot. Jai misses to hear her love confession. Aadhya hides from Aishwarya. Aadhya runs away from Jai’s room. Jai considers Aadhya the person who has changed him into a responsible and sensible man. Aadhya is very special for him. He also loves Aadhya, and has to confess love.

Jijaji Ghar Par Hai:

Pancham and Ilaychi happily dance with Karuna. They are overjoyed. Murari comes. Pancham dances with him and then sees his angry face. Murari likes the family’s smiling faces. He also joins them for the dance, but wants to know what’s the reason. He is mistaken that Ilaychi is soon going to die and they need to keep her happy. The wrong misunderstanding brings the new drama. Pancham will soon know Ilaychi’s illness lie. She always comes up with excuses. She enjoys everyone’s special attention.


Raghav hurts Rajjo when she spies on him. Chakor stops Raghav’s madness. She tells him that he is doing this for money. Raghav tells her that he is treating Anjor well and she should be thankful. Raghav asks Chakor to give him respect too. He has much ego. He wants Rajjo to behave well with him. Chakor limits Raghav’s misbehavior. They end up arguing. Raghav keeps troubling Chakor. Rajjo tells Chakor that she will always be with her and stop Raghav from his wrong planning. Rajjo suggests Chakor to tell the truth to the family and get rid of Raghav, since he isn’t trustworthy. Chakor fears for Anjor’s reaction. She doesn’t want Anjor to slip in depression.

Soumya doesn’t want to return to Harman. She has rejected his love. Harman has regained his memory. He madly loves Soumya. He wants to get Soumya in his life some how. Preeto helps Harman in his search for Soumya. Harman wants to track Soumya. He is sure to convince her by his love.

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