Mariam Khan – Fawad to rescue Mariam’s life


Mariam Khan falls in trouble. She wanted to find a story. She gets kidnapped. She tries to fight back. Fawad reaches there on right time. He risks his life. Fawad beats the goons. He saves Mariam’s life. He scolds Mariam for taking such a big risk for reporting. He worries for her life. He expresses his love for her via anger. Mariam and Fawad have a moment. Fawad clears to her that he won’t tolerate if he finds her in danger again. He asks her never to believe strangers giving any news lead. He has learnt this by believing Bhakti.

He tells her how Bhakti has cheated him before. He doesn’t want Mariam to get foolish and invite problems. Mariam gets surprised seeing his concern. She tells him that she reached the place only because of his challenge to fulfill the assignment. Fawad finds her silly. He hugs her and tells her that he can’t see her in trouble. Mariam has fallen in love with Fawad. She wants to know if he loves her too.

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