Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer-Zara’s huge fight

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Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer complains about Zara to her dad. Kabeer is upset when Zara’s mum counts favors on him. He didn’t expect Zara’s family to insult him. He behaves badly with Zara. Kabeer’s mum knows his mistake and scolds him for his impulsive decision. Kabeer takes off jewelry from his mum, Zeenat and Alina. He hands over the jewelry to Zara’s mum. He tells Zara that he has repaid the loan by this jewelry. Zara’s mum scolds Kabeer. Kabeer asks Zara’s dad where is he wrong in this thing.

Zara’s dad also shouts on Kabeer. He asks Kabeer not to drag the matter and better end it soon. Shahbaz also wants Kabeer and Zara’s ego hassles to end. The fight which started from Amaan’s schooling takes a different form. Zara’s mum returns the jewelry to everyone. She apologizes to Kabeer’s mum and Zeenat.

She ends the fight. Shahbaz also tries to apologize to Zara’s dad. He feels its more of Kabeer’s mistake. He wants Kabeer to control his temper. He scolds Kabeer and Kashan for making fun of their family. Zeenat and Zara have problems going on. Zeenat blames Zara, and dominates her again. Zeenat wants Zara to keep up Ruksar’s responsibility well. She vents out frustration on Zara. Shahbaz has the same opinion as Aisha for the first time. She is proud of him that he always stands in favor of the right and does justice. Kabeer and Zara’s families calm the ongoing storm. Will Zara succeed to end Kabeer’s annoyance? Keep reading.

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