Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar to lose Kulfi forever

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala SHOCKING: Tevar to lose Kulfi forever

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:… Sikandar and Tevar light the diyas on their hands and pray for Kulfi’s life. They wish Kulfi comes back to life. They try to connect to the God by their singing. They ask Mata Rani not to leave their lives incomplete. They get informed that Kulfi is sinking. The doctor feels she couldn’t save Kulfi’s life. Sikandar and Tevar cry out when the diyas get blown off in a second. They break down. Sikandar doesn’t lose hope as he knows Kulfi is his tigress. Kulfi goes to her mother Nimrat once again in the heavenly meet. She likes to spend time with Nimrat. She asks Nimrat about her father. She tells Nimrat how she failed to find her real father. She says Sikandar didn’t let me meet my real father, and said her father doesn’t love her. Nimrat tells Kulfi that everyone tells what their heart believes.

Nimrat asks her to see her father by her heart. She tells Kulfi that she has to peep into her heart and see her father. She makes Kulfi realize the truth. Kulfi just sees Sikandar as her father. She wonders if this is the truth which Nimrat wants to convey. Kulfi comes back to life just for the sake of Sikandar.

Sikandar and Tevar learn that Kulfi got conscious and will be fine soon. They run to meet Kulfi and thank the doctor for saving their daughter’s life. Doctor tells them that Kulfi is really blessed, she is a fighter and fought with the difficult situation. They run to reach Kulfi. They get relieved finding her fine. Sikandar and Tevar meet Kulfi and have a hearty talk with her.

Sikandar promises to be Tevar’s friend for long. He wants to take them home. Kulfi gets glad seeing them. Lovely and Amyra get a big shock when Sikandar brings Kulfi and Tevar home. Sikandar insists Tevar for staying back. He knows the hardships of Tevar. Amyra feels her life is ruined once again. She gets raging on seeing Kulfi back. Sikandar and Tevar take care of Kulfi. Sikandar wants Kulfi to stay fine and not hide her wound again. He asks her not to think anything and let him bother about everything. He wants to decide for them.

Lovely opposes Sikandar like always. She tells Sikandar that she wants to talk to him. Tevar knows that Sikandar and Lovely will have a clash again. Lovely taunts Sikandar for being so great and making their house a shelter for strangers. She tells him that he can’t get Tevar home. She asks him to keep Tevar away from her and Amyra. She demands his time. She tells him that he didn’t give her respect of a wife. He scolds her for making Tevar and Kulfi away. She tells him that she has done everything for Amyra’s sake. He gets fed up by her excuses. He wants Tevar and Kulfi to stay with them. She threatens him about his hidden truth. She tells him that she will reveal Amyra’s truth to Tevar. She tries to control Sikandar once again. Tevar fears to lose Kulfi from his life by this shocking truth.

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