Silsila: Nandini’s big shocker for Mauli

Silsila: Nandini’s big shocker for Mauli

Silsila: Pari gets a CD from Nandini’s belongings. She learns the truth about Mauli and Nandini’s friendship. She wants to meet Mauli and tell her about Nandini’s message for her. Pari takes the maid along so that she can meet Mauli and reveal the important thing. Ishaan pacifies Mishti. Mauli is happy that Ishaan is bonding well with Mishti. She doesn’t want to see Kunal again, and knows even Mishti hates Kunal. Radhika doesn’t want Kunal to receive hatred from his daughter. Dida wishes Mauli and Ishaan to settle down. She doesn’t want Mauli to have any worries. She asks Radhika not to talk about the past again. She is happy that Mishti and Pari are dealing with the truth maturely at a young age. Kunal learns about Pari meeting Mauli to reveal a secret.

Pari tells him that she knows about Mauli and Nandini’s friendship now. Kunal gets a huge shock knowing Pari is taking the CD for Mauli. He asks Pari not to let this happen. Pari doesn’t listen to him.

She reaches Mauli for a talk. Kunal doesn’t want the truth to come out. Pari hands over the CD to Mauli and also confronts her for being best friends with Nandini. She asks Mauli the reason for hiding the truth. She shows Mauli and Nandini’s happy picture, which turns Mauli emotional. She asks her to check the gift, which is actually kept by Nandini. Pari plays the CD.

Mauli receives Nandini’s shocker, when Nandini speaks her last words for Mauli. Nandini apologizes to Mauli and gives her the big responsibility to raise Pari. Mauli gets broken down hearing Nandini’s voice and speech. She sheds tears and hugs Pari. She didn’t wish Pari to grow without her mother. She decides to love Pari as she loves Mishti. This grows insecurity in Mishti. She doesn’t want Pari to snatch her mum. The girls have a fight. Kunal reaches them late and learns that the truth is already out.

Kunal finds Mishti getting tempered. He asks Mauli to manage Mishti. He calms down the matter and takes away Pari with him. Mauli stays disturbed after hearing Nandini’s last wish. She speaks to Ishaan. She tells Ishaan about Nandini’s apology and the shocking responsibility of Pari. She tells Ishaan how happy Pari got. She feels Pari is too innocent. She feels Mishti started hating Kunal and Pari. She wants to unite Mishti and Pari. Ishaan asks her not to worry and talk to Kunal about this. She asks her to find a solution to secure both the girls’ future. Mauli and Ishaan meet Kunal to talk about Mishti and Pari’s good future. They decide not to meet again, and also keep the girls away for everyone’s peace.

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