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Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Spoilers Guddan Tum Se No Ho Payega: Guddan gets Antara’s photo. She pleases Akshat by showing the photo. She knows Akshat has many emotions linked with the photo. She gives the mangalsutra to Akshat. She tells him that Antara holds the rights on the mangalsutra. Guddan surprises Akshat with his precious photo frame. She tells him how she has struggled to get the photo back. She hands over the house keys to Durga. She tells Durga that she has failed in the challenge. She gives up and accepts her mistake. She tells them that she isn’t able to manage anything. She returns the keys to Durga and Dadi. She clears to Akshat that she doesn’t want to trouble anyone in his family.

Main Maayke Chale Jaungi:

Jaya falls in danger. She gets kidnapped instead Satya. The goons wanted to take revenge on Satya. Samar finds Jaya caged inside the chandelier. He runs to save Jaya’s life. Samar saves his wife. He wants to know about the danger on Satya. Samar and Jaya have an argument. Jaya tries to make up to him. She goes to the kitchen to make his favorite food. Jaya falls in trouble again, when the cylinder catches fire. The family panics. Samar tries to save Jaya and Rama. Rama pushes away Samar. Rama faces a cylinder blast and saves the entire family by dragging the burning cylinder outside the house. Rama throws the cylinder in the water pool. Rama secures Samar and Jaya.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Akhilesh and Ira have a daughter Mishri. The show takes a five year leap. Ira raises Mishri alone. Akhilesh gets surprised seeing little Mishri fighting with the wrestlers. Akhilesh isn’t aware that Mishri is his daughter. Ira has made a sacrifice and got away from Akhilesh to save his life. Mishri is much like Akhilesh and enjoys fighting. Mishri will be uniting Akhilesh and Ira again.


Ronak and Muskaan come closer. Their love story is soon to begin. Muskaan gets scared by darkness. Ronak reaches her with a torch. She hugs him in fear. Ronak gets confused over his feelings. She worries for him. They have a moment. Gayatri sees them together. She asks them not to meet until they get married. She scolds Ronak for always breaking the rules. Muskaan is scared and can’t answer Gayatri. Ronak says everything is fine, Sir ji is the evil here and we don’t need to be scared of anything else.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam and Fawad’s love story begins. Destiny brings them together always. Mariam has fallen in trouble again. Fawad saves her like always. Their love story begins. They feel their liking for each other. They want to speak up their feelings, but some hurdles come between. Fawad is confused about his feelings. He doesn’t know what he wants in his life. He is upset over Bhakti’s cheat. He feels like believing Mariam. Mariam and Fawad get together to work on Majaaz’s case.

Aaliya misses Zain. She wants Zain to become part of her birthday celebrations. She cries and tells Mariam about her birthday. Mariam and Meher sing a birthday song for Aaliya. Aaliya thanks him. She looks upset. Mariam tells Aaliya that she will get Zain. Madiha tries to explain Aaliya that Zain will come soon. Meher tells Madiha that its not Zain’s mistake, he is still in shock over Mahira’s death. Mariam plans Aaliya’s birthday party. She wants to unite Zain with his daughter.

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