Aapke Aa Jane Se: Puneesh attempts to kill Vedika

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Puneesh captures Badi Amma, Vedika and Prachi. He gets torturing them. He boasts of his clever plot. He feels the supreme one. He asks Vedika to return all the property to him. He wants to exact his revenge. He asks Vedika to shout to Sahil. Badi Amma scolds him and asks him will he torture a pregnant woman. She says Vedika is bearing Sahil’s child, who will save Ved’s life. She stops him from beating Vedika. Puneesh doesn’t listen to her. He threatens to kill Vedika. Jacky comes to the rescue. He fights with Puneesh. Jacky can’t let Vedika get harmed. Jacky gets beaten up by Puneesh’s goons.

Puneesh says Sahil has come in my way all the time, today he will get killed by my hands. Badi Amma cries for Sahil. She asks Puneesh to leave Sahil. Puneesh gets the property papers and asks Sahil to sign on them. Vedika asks Jacky to fight back. Jacky doesn’t accept failure. He overpowers Puneesh and fails his planning. Jacky finds Vedika collapsing down and rushes her for the aid.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan comes with her unique beliefs. She becomes an ideal bahu again and impresses Dadi. She gets into a dilemma about her Bahus. Guddan feels troubled when the family looks upset. Guddan tells them that she will try to make up for the losses. She brings a smile on Dadi’s face by her smartness. Guddan shows her talents.

Dadi and Guddan do the aarti of Kanha, when Guddan makes a cute painting of Kanha. Guddan feels responsible for the house theft. Guddan apologizes to Dadi. Saraswati is greedy and responsible for the theft. She sells everything to get money. Parv learns her crime and demands fifty percent share. She wants to have all the money to herself. She gets dreaming that she got all the assets. Guddan tries to find the stolen things. She gets suspicious about Saraswati and Parv’s evil plot.

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