Love highlights finally in Kumkum Bhagya-Kundali Bhagya

Total Dhamaal Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya: Purab, Disha, and Aaliya are genuinely worried for Abhi, but Tanu thinks of ruling on everyone and for that, she needs Aaliya’s support and tag of Abhi’s wife. They reach the Police station. Purab asks where is Abhi? Constable asks him to check the dead body and says another man succumbed to death due to excessive drinking, don’t know why people drink much. He moves the cloth from the dead body face. Purab, Disha, and others get worried. The dead body is not of Abhi. They relax, but worry for Abhi. Abhi confronts Pragya for hiding the truth.

She tries to tell him about her helplessness, but Abhi thinks there is no excuse for hiding the truth from him and keeping his daughter away from him, knowing he was longing for a daughter like Kiara and feeling fatherly love for her. Abhi decided to take his wife and daughter home, and give them the deserved rights. Abhi wants to announce his big decision. Tanu and Aaliya will get the major shock of their life when Abhi announces to his family members that Kiara is his daughter and he will bring her home. Dadi and Dasi wanted him to bring both Pragya and Kiara.

Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi acts to be concerned for Janki after pushing her off the stairs. Karan and Preeta spend some romantic time unknowingly, planned by destiny. Preeta has realized her feelings for Karan after hearing Shristi’s words. Karan finds her behavior odd when she ignores her. He makes her sit and tells her that she looks good with him and he also looks good with her. The robbers attack the mall and keep everyone hostage on gunpoint. Rakhi asks Prithvi about Janki.

Prithvi says I have ended her chapter. Rakhi and Sarla are shocked. Prithvi then makes an excuse. Karan and Preeta are together while the robbers attack the mall. Rakhi and Sarla worry for Karan and Preeta. Karan and Preeta fight with the robbers to save the hostages and the mall. Karan’s love for Preeta gets stronger. He turns much protective about her. For the first time, he feels the strong feeling of love reciprocation from Preeta’s side. He turns happy to fall into such situation, if that brings his lady love closer.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani and Anupriya manage to reach the lady who has kidnapped the baby. They ask her to give the baby to them. When the lady hears the police jeep siren, she keeps the baby on the wall of the well and elopes. Anupriya and Kalyani are shocked to see the baby about to fall in the well. Malhar comes there in his jeep. Kalyani manages to save the baby. Malhar scolds her for her irresponsible behavior. Kalyani tells him that lady lied to her saying Anupriya sent her to massage the baby. Aparna is behind the conspiracy and wants to make Kalyani let down in front of Malhar.

She gets happy seeing Malhar scolding Kalyani. Later, Vinay asks Anupriya to sign on the papers as he is suffering a loss in business and has to pay the workers salary. Anupriya asks what is written in the papers. Aao Saheb asks will you question us? Kalyani checks the papers and says it is loan papers. She asks Anupriya not to sign. Pallavi taunts her saying how she will read being an illiterate. Kalyani takes a stand for her mum and tells that her Aai will get educated. Anupriya is upset with Kalyani and tells that she doesn’t need stranger’s suggestions.

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