Yeh Rishta brings high drama with Parivaar Awards

Yeh Rishta brings high drama with Parivaar Awards

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira host an awards night in their house to appreciate their relationships in a unique way. The families celebrate a good time of their re-unions. Kartik always likes the unique ideas brought up by Naira. Kartik and Naira make sure that they pay due respect to everyone. The couples have a romantic night. Kartik and Naira begin the special performances, followed by others. After the performances, Kartik tells everyone that he will be announcing the awards for the special bonds. He wants to celebrate the relations which they have taken for granted before.

They want to show affection towards those unspoken relations. Kartik and Naira have a sweet moment when they get prepared for the awards function. Kartik and Naira celebrate Parivaar Awards in their own way. They cheer up Gayu by giving her a favorite friend award. Lav and Kush host the awards, while members switch to handover the awards. Even the elders love the idea of awards. Naira comes up with cute award titles.

Kartik and Naira get the Best jodi award. They get many awards, of best son, daughter, Bhabhi among other titles. Everyone shows their stylish avatars. Manish and Suwarna win the best stylish jodi award. Badi Nani is already sick, but tries to pull up herself. She hides about her sickness, so that no one’s happiness gets down. When Badi Nani suddenly faints on the stage, the family rushes to her. They call up a doctor for Badi Nani’s checkup. Naira asks Badi Nani never to hide about the health issues.

Karn Sangini:

A big twist happens when Urvi runs to Karn and puts garland on his neck, during her Swayamvar. She chooses Karn as her life partner instead Arjun. The princes don’t accept Urvi’s love for Karn. They question her choice of a Suryaputra. Karn marries Urvi. The princes blame Urvi and speak against her. They get insulting Urvi. Urvi has always loved Karn. She feels proud of her choice. He warns everyone against blaming his wife. Karn gets into a fight with the princes. There is a big drama post Urvi and Karn’s marriage.

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