High Five Spoilers: Kasautii Zindagii Kay and more

Kasautii Zindagii Kay and more

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag gathers all the evidences against Navin, by acting defeated. Anurag and Sid try to reach the house to show Navin and Madhuri’s marriage photos. Navin turns evil. He tries to kill Anurag. He drives a truck and hits Anurag’s car. Anurag and Sid meet with an accident. Navin is mad for Prerna. He doesn’t want Anurag to come between his plans. Prerna learns about Anurag’s accident. She tries to reach Anurag and save him. Prerna realizes her love for Anurag. She rushes to protect Anurag. She understands that Navin is a fraud. She risks her life for her love.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:

Guddan tries to make food on the traditional stove. She struggles to prepare anything. She finds hard to ignite the fire. She is blamed for the big theft. The family has nothing left for their living. Guddan feels she has to take the task on her shoulders. She wants to keep up her duties.

She borrows some grains and grocery from neighbors. She tries to get help from her bahus. The bahus refuse to work with Guddan. Durga agrees to help Guddan. She asks Guddan to accept her mistake first, only then she will help. Guddan admits the mistake. Durga helps Guddan and cooks khichdi. Guddan serves the food to the family. She tries to make up to Akshat.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar recalls the past. She tells everyone that she was going to marry Kabeer. She then acts kiddish and shows them the wedding invite. She gets happy to know that Kabeer was her love. She likes him. She tells him that she knows that she were engaged. Ruksar asks Kabeer to wipe her hair. Aisha gets in between and makes Ruksar away. Meanwhile, Kashan objects to Kabeer’s work. He asks Kabeer to go to Shariah board and talk of big things, instead of interference in his matters. He doesn’t like Kabeer’s way of life. He is different than Kabeer. He wants to follow the customs of society.

Shakti: Harman waits for the restaurant where Soumya works. Soumya comes and sees him. She asks him to stop following her. Sameer asks why do you want to take her back. Harman says we both love each other and asks him to test their love. Soumya comes and gives him 10 days time, and asks him to promise that he will leave from Sameer and her life on 11th day. Harman accepts the challenge and vows to make Soumya remind their love before the 10th day ends. Sameer decides to marry Soumya before the completion of 10 days so that both Soumya and Harman can’t do anything once he is married to her.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer sacrifices his studies for Naina and signs on the papers wasting one of his academic years. The principal tells him that she didn’t make any issue or let the matter go public as she doesn’t want her college name to get ruined or have bad publicity. She says whatever you have done is not right. Naina comes to college. Principal looks at Sameer and Naina. She is upset with both. Naina comes to know from friends about Sameer’s sacrifice for her. She gets teary eyes and decides to confess in front of Principal that she was with Sameer, but he stops her.

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Internet Wala Love: Jai gets worried for Aadhya and decides to protect her from old man. He asks her not to go anywhere till the man is arrested. He goes to Police station to ask about the old man who tried to kidnap Aadhya and harmed him as well. He has no idea that its Samrat. Inspector tells that they are still searching him and tells about their findings. Aadhya confesses love to Jai and says she loves Jai Mittal. She says she loves all his efforts for her, whatever he has done for her till now. She tells that she really loves him a lot. Jai looks on smiling. Samrat tries to kidnap Aadhya again. Rupa and Ash come up with a new plan to stop Jai from going with Aadhya to pick her mother.


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