Ishqbaaz Priyanka becomes next target of envy

Ishqbaaz Priyanka becomes next target of envy

Ishqbaaz Priyanka becomes next target of envy: Shivay, Omkara and Rudra aren’t aware of the relationship of Dadi and Suryakant. Dadi fears that Suryakanth will be confessing love to her in front of everyone. Even she likes him, but doesn’t want to fall in the sight of her family by accepting his love. Suryakant sings a wonderful Qawwali and expresses his love for his love Kalyani. The family celebrates the rocking Qawwali nights with all the fun, music, dance and cheerful faces. Meanwhile, Shivay gets the enemy home. He doesn’t think that Jai still holds rivalry and enmity in heart. He gives access to Jai with all the belief.

Jai takes advantage of Shivay’s belief. He gets inside Shivay’s room when the family stays busy in Qawwali nights. Jai steals important data from Shivay’s laptop. He wants to ruin Shivay. He is hopeful to win the big business contract and defeat Shivay. Jai then targets Priyanka. He wants to break her down, knowing she is Shivay’s weakness. Jai gets too envious of Shivay and throws out his anger on Priyanka.

Priyanka conceals her bad terms with Jai, seeing her family happy. Jai wants to take revenge on Shivay for rejecting Naina’s marriage proposal. Shivay and Anika are sure that their bad days are gone. What will Jai do next? Keep reading.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Rifat learns that Manjeet is actually Mariam. She sees the family accepting Manjeet heartily and also sharing her truth. Rifat witnesses the moment of Mariam and family. She feels big time cheated. He wonders if everyone knows this truth. She doesn’t want her sons to know Mariam’s come back news. Mariam gets delighted on receiving a token of love from Madiha. She cherishes their moments together after so many years of suffering. Rifat plans to kidnap Mariam and kill her. She comes across Mariam and expresses her dislike. Mariam knows Rifat’s conspiracies and decides to expose her.

Everyone celebrates Aaliya’s birthday in the fairy tale themed party. Everyone is seen in different avatars. Rifat looks like a vampire devil. Mariam feels she is looking apt as per her personality. She gets disappointed seeing Fawad in the Dracula avatar. She wanted him to dress up like a prince. Fawad entertains the children. He shows them some magical tricks. He doesn’t a boring party. He gears up and brings fun events. Mariam gets dressed as a princess, only to please Fawad.

She likes Fawad and wants his attention. Rifat hires some goons to kidnap Mariam. She wants Mariam away from the family. Mariam is aware of Rifat’s evil plots. She stays away from Rifat and counters her. She tries to spy to learn Rifat and her sister-in-law’s planning. Mariam and Fawad will be finding Rifat’s plans and also fail her. Fawad’s hatred for his evil moth will get higher.


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