Kartik Naira to find a treasure of joy in Yeh Rishta

YRKKH Much Awaited Romance for Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta: Naira goes for the tests with Kartik. He fears that her blood clot can form again and incur complications in her life again. He doesn’t want Naira to suffer the same way again. He prays that Naira gets recovered completely. Kartik sends her for the tests. The couple awaits the results. Kartik Naira pray to get positive results. Naira tells Kartik that she is very hopeful to get a positive report. Kartik wishes that her belief stays intact. Naira comes across a woman, who just delivered a baby. She learns that the woman is also suffering through the blood clot in brain and still managed to have a baby. She gets inspired on hearing the woman’s story. The woman tells her that the condition of people having blood clots can get worse with time, so its better that baby is planned in the initial phase.

She tells Naira that she took the risk early to have minimal effect on the baby. Naira agrees with her completely. She feels the woman is saying the truth and has guided her as an angel. She takes this as help from Lord. Naira tells Kartik about the woman’s delivery, which happened by ruling out the complications. She doesn’t want to delay her pregnancy more. She asks Kartik to just listen to her and fulfill her big wish, since he claims to love her the most. She wishes that a baby comes in their lives, who will be a treasure for them.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Prerna meets Anurag in the hospital. She cries seeing his state. She feels responsible for his condition. Prerna expresses her feelings to Anurag. She feels like losing him. She feels his pain when he is much hurt. Doctor asks Prerna to just leave from ICU, the patient is critical and nothing can be said as of now. Prerna feels shattered. She wants to talk to Anurag. She tells Anurag that he can’t go like this. She realizes that he wanted to meet her to tell something crucial. She asks Anurag what did he want to tell her.

Her pain flows out as tears. She asks him to come to senses and talk to her. Doctor asks her to just leave and not touch the patient. He ousts her for the betterment of the patient. Prerna cries and finds it hard to go away from Anurag. Anurag has risked his life to stop Prerna’s marriage with evil Navin. When will the truth come out? Will Navin succeed to trick Prerna again? Keep reading.


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