Sikandar Kulfi: Secret out; Dilemma intensified

Sikandar Kulfi: Secret out; Dilemma intensified

Sikandar Kulfi: Secret out; Dilemma intensified… The story of Kulfi will be getting a new twist. Kulfi has been from the village Chirauli, where she lived with her mother Nimrat. She used to sing all the while in any happy and sorrowful moment. She loses her mother soon, and turns into an orphan, since she had already lost her father. Fate snatches her mother. Kulfi searches for her father by reaching the city. Fate brings her face to face with Sikandar Singh Gill, a famous singer. Kulfi’s talent gets noticed by Sikandar. He swears to bring out Kulfi’s voice in front of the world. Their relation that begun with the music wasn’t just limited to it.

Their relation is connected by bloodline, heart and Nimrat. Sikandar feels Kulfi sings with a true heart. He accepts Kulfi in his life, knowing she is an orphan. Kulfi’s life takes a big turn when she gets an entry in Sikandar’s house and life. She gets impressing him with her innocence, true heart and singing talent. He wishes to have Kulfi with him all the time, getting inspired by her pure soul. But, Lovely felt otherwise. She just regarded Kulfi as a bad omen, a trouble and nuisance in her life.

She grows insecure that Kulfi will snatch Amyra’s rights. She doesn’t wish to let them unite. She plays her games to separate Sikandar and Kulfi. She plots to mislead Tevar that Kulfi is his daughter. Tevar takes Kulfi with him, while Sikandar knows the truth that Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s father. While he hunts for the truth, he gets close to know the secret relation with Kulfi. The secret of their past gets revealed. Kulfi learns that Sikandar is her father. Kulfi gets in huge dilemma over handling this truth. She doesn’t know if she should rejoice or cry over this big truth.

She feels hurt that Sikandar has betrayed Nimrat’s trust and abandoned them to live a suffering life. She is also happy that Sikandar turned out to be father, whom she idolizes the most. She always dreamt Sikandar to be her father. She feels bad to think that Sikandar is the person responsible for her tears. She doesn’t know to give him credit for her happiness and get accountability for her sorrow. What will Kulfi do now? Keep reading.


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