Ishqbaaz: Dadi’s past relationship comes into picture

Ishqbaaz: Dadi's past relationship comes into picture

Ishqbaaz: Jai stays positive that he will win the big contract. He gets a shocker when he finds Shivay bagging the big deal. He turns angry. Omkara and Rudra wonder where did Jai suddenly leave. Jai learns that Shivay has made the last minute changes and won the bid. Jai gets defeated by Shivay. Shivay outsmarts his enemies once again. Jai feels he is still in the game and he will make sure that he defeats Shivay. The family rejoices on Shivay getting the big deal. They celebrate Shivay’s success happily. Suryakant and Dadi’s friendship starts irking the family. He leaves a note for Dadi, to arrange a secret meet. Obros learn about the Jagrata night.

They realize Dadi’s lie and get a shock. Their doubt on Suryakant and Dadi get confirmed. They want to spy on Dadi and find out the truth. They hide the truth from their wives. They want to ask Dadi and know about the affair. Rudra cries out that there is really some affair. He didn’t expect Dadi to do this. Shivay gets Suryakant’s letter. Obros learn about Dadi’s date with Suryakant. They can’t believe the affair.

Shivay gets denying and tells them that maybe there is a valid reason for their meet. They promise that their wives shouldn’t know this. Shivay tells them that the matter is related to Dadi, and they aren’t like Dadi that their wives will doubt on them. Shivay tells them that maybe Dadi had a past with her friend Suryakant. He decides to talk to Nani and get details about Dadi and Suryakant.

They try to know why didn’t Suryakant marry until now. Nani tells them that Suryakant loved a girl, who got married to someone else, then he stayed heartbroken always. Shivay asks Nani about the girl. Nani tells them that girl has a big family, even then she needs some life partner. She realizes that they doubt on Dadi. She confirms that their guess is right. She tells them that Suryakant was in love with Dadi.

Shivay doesn’t want to come between Dadi’s happiness. He tells his brothers that they should support Suryakant and Dadi’s love story, if they both want to get married. Suryakant tells them that he is happy, as he is in love. They decide to know what does Dadi want in her life. Obros pass Suryakant’s letter to Dadi. She wants to meet Suryakant. Shivay asks his brothers not to follow Dadi to the park. Shivay stays stressed about Sahil. He tells Anika about the way Sahil is misbehaving. She wants to teach a lesson to Sahil. Priyanka gets taunting Jai for losing the big deal to Shivay and fuming over. She asks him to stay positive.


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