Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi makes a tough choice

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi makes a tough choice

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sittu asks Kulfi to decide anything she wants. He promises to support her. She tells him that she wants to meet Sikandar once and call him father. She fears that he will fall back in her sight after failing to give her answers. She wants to respect him like always. She gets tangled in her own questions. Her dilemma intensifies. She gets too troubled by her growing questions. She decides to meet Sikandar soon. Sikandar prepares a room for Kulfi. He stays confident that Kulfi will come back to him, since she knows where she belongs. His positive behavior makes the family wonder if he is too disturbed. Sittu helps Kulfi side away her dilemma. He asks Kulfi not to worry for anyone and just come with him. Kulfi travels her way to meet her real father, Sikandar.

Amyra feels Sikandar is doing a lot for Kulfi. Lovely feels Sikandar has gone mad. Amyra doesn’t want Kulfi to come back to them. Lovely asks her to let Sikandar wait for Kulfi. She is sure that Kulfi won’t come back now, and Sikandar will be just of them. They insecurities end. Kulfi recollects Nimrat’s words and stays confused all the way. She feels bad thinking of Nimrat’s sufferings.

Kulfi doesn’t want Sikandar to suffer in search of her. She feels Sikandar’s love for her is true, without any conditions or ties. Lovely tells Sikandar that Kulfi won’t come. Sikandar is sure that Kulfi will come to him, as he means everything to her. He is sure that Kulfi belongs to him and she will come back, none can separate them. His words turn true. Kulfi gets to hear about his faith in her.

She feels bad that she left him. She meets Sikandar and tells him that she has learnt the truth that he is her father. Lovely gets a huge shock seeing their bonding. She didn’t wish the truth to come out. Kulfi reveals to him that she is Nimrat’s daughter. Sikandar finally learns the huge shock. The moment gets tremendously emotional for her. Kulfi tells Sikandar that Sittu has told her the truth.

Sikandar unites with her. He repents that he couldn’t find her truth before. The lovely union turns out to be Kulfi’s sweet dream. Sikandar meets Kulfi and gets glad that his faith didn’t break. He tells her that he wanted her back in the house. She apologizes to him for leaving from his house. Lovely and Amyra get upset seeing Kulfi. They cry that they lost to Kulfi once again. Amyra doesn’t want Kulfi back. Kulfi makes a choice and hides the truth from Sikandar, so that he doesn’t lose his family. Sikandar makes Kulfi promise that she won’t leave him again. Sikandar chooses Kulfi over Lovely and Amyra. Lovely’s crimes will be known to Sikandar soon.


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