Udaan: Chakor takes a new initiative to find truth

Udaan: Chakor takes a new initiative to find truth

Udaan: Raghav tries hard to meet Chakor and plead his innocence. She doesn’t believe him as the evidences are against him. Raghav gets suspected further. Chakor calls the police to get Raghav arrested. Inspector interrogates Raghav. He asks Raghav to prove his presence outside the haveli at the time of crime happening. Inspector tortures Raghav. Raghav tells inspector that he was with some dancer at the pub, and she left him to the hotel room. He asks inspector to find the dancer if he wants to find the truth. He asks inspector to catch the right culprit. Chakor thinks of Raghav’s words. She gets to see the dancer, as Raghav described. She gets wondering if Raghav is innocent and was saying the truth.

She tries to follow the girl and get the truth out. Chakor informs Tejaswini that the culprit is on the loose, Raghav isn’t Rajjo’s culprit and they have to soon find the real criminal. Chakor tries to meet the girl and collect evidence to help Raghav get released. She doesn’t want any innocent person to get punished. She believes in the law and wants to set everything fine.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai tries to convince Aadhya. He meets her at her house and gets her flowers. He wants Aadhya to forgive him. Aadhya doesn’t listen to him. She asks him to leave. She is very angry and asks Jai to take others’ lives seriously. She has fallen into Samrat’s trap. She gets misunderstanding Jai. Jai asks her to give him a chance to clarify. Jai doesn’t lose and takes different avatars to please Aadhya. He wants to apologize to her from the bottom of his heart. Rupa, Aishwarya and Samrat don’t want Jai and Aadhya to unite.


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