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Star Plus

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita tries to change Payal’s mind. Payal informs Sudha that Ishita had come to meet her. Sudha asks her not to get scared. She tells her that Raman is coming to meet her. She instructs Payal to create a big scene and frame Raman, until then she will get police to get Raman arrested. Bala learns Sudha’s plans. He wants to alert Raman about Sudha getting the cops. He attempts to fail Sudha. Ruhi tells Ishita that they have to persuade Payal, else Sudha will win this bid. Ishita doesn’t want to lose. Ishita keeps an eye on Payal and her family. She tries to learn the reason of Payal’s anger. She thinks if she talks to Payal’s mother, she may get some help. Mihika continues to trouble Rohan and Karan. She tells them to behave strong and stop dreaming of going to their home. Aaliya is sure that Raman won’t let Sudha win.

Ishita learns that Sudha is blackmailing Payal, and poor Payal has no option than to agree to her. Ishita meets Payal’s mum to know about the worker’s death. She learns that Payal’s dad died of dengue, he didn’t die in any accident in the factory. She gathers this big proof against Sudha. She is sure that Sudha is manipulating Payal to frame Raman. Ishita learns that Payal’s brother is getting treated in Sudha’s hospital.


Ishita asks Payal not to fool them by fake stories. When Payal lies to her mum, Ruhi demands her to tell the truth to her mum. Mani asks Payal not to worry about her brother. Ruhi asks Payal not to assist Sudha in ruining someone. Raman gets angered knowing about Payal’s big lie. He scolds Payal for putting wrong allegations on him. He decides to involve police and get Payal behind bars.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam organizes fun games for Aaliya in her birthday party. Aijaz comes up with a unique gift and surprises Aaliya. Mariam invites Zain in the party. Zain wishes Aaliya and gives her a cute gift. Aaliya gets happy. He tells her that he didn’t know what to gift, and got a guitar. He offers to teach her playing guitar. Aaliya is glad to get her father’s time and attention. Fawad changes his avatar and dresses up like a prince. Mariam gets surprised seeing Fawad. Rifat learns that Mariam is back and fears that Mariam will claim the property. Rifat calls the goons in the party to kidnap Mariam. Fawad will soon learn that Manjeet is Mariam.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Navin waits on some route to catch Anurag and kill him. Madhuri feels restless. She speaks to Navin to calm her mind. Navin is sure that Anurag will die. Anurag and Prerna have a chat on video call. Anurag tells her that he is fine and she doesn’t need to worry for him a lot. He asks her to control her feelings, else people will misunderstand her. He asks her why was she crying the day they danced together. He asks her to just say it before it gets too late. He doesn’t want her to cry. He tells her that he doesn’t want to fight with her. Navin wants to kill Anurag and spots his car. Prerna tells him that she was having a feeling in heart that day.

Anurag tells her that he is going to tell her a secret. Navin finds it a right chance to kill Anurag. He smashes Anurag’s car with a heavy truck, leaving Sid and Anurag injured. Prerna witnesses the accident on the video call and gets deeply shocked. She rushes to see him. People gather at the accident spot to save the injured people. Navin gets caught by the angry crowd. He succeeds to flee. Anurag just thinks of Prerna and gets revived. He can’t leave the evidence in the car. Sid and Anurag get the timely help. Anurag manages to get the evidence before the car explodes.

The people rush Anurag and his friend to the hospital. Prerna tries to reach him. Mohini senses Anurag isn’t fine. She gets worried. She wants to find about Anurag. Navin informs Madhuri that he has hit the car, but he isn’t sure if Anurag has died. Madhuri tells him that she will go and stop Anurag from reaching hospital. She takes the big matter in her hands. Navin tells her that he wants to see Anurag dying. Anurag gets treated in the hospital. Madhuri reaches the accident site, at the same time when Prerna looks for her. They both learn about Anurag admitted in the hospital. Madhuri attempts to kill him, while Prerna tries hard to revive him with all her love.


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