YRKKH: A new ruckus upsets KaiRa

YRKKH: A new ruckus upsets KaiRa

YRKKH: Naira gets happy seeing Kartik in a good mood. She explains him that they should also plan a baby, the new member will definitely bring happiness in the family. Kartik tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about the baby. She asks him to think of her feelings. He tells her that he isn’t heartless, all he worries about is her. He clears to her that they won’t plan a baby by getting under pressure. He doesn’t want to take any risk with her health. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her. He just wants her to be fine. Naira gets away from him, when he vents anger on her. Dadi senses some problem between Kartik and Naira. She wants to know the reason for their sad faces. Naksh tells the family that he wants everyone to stay fine.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask Naksh to take care of Kirti, and give her happiness. Naksh wants to please Kirti. Kirti gets happy hearing Naksh out. She tells Naksh that she is lucky to have him. She wants Naksh to express his emotions. Kartik tries to talk to Naira. He tries to cheer her up. She doesn’t listen to him at all. She refuses to talk to him. Kartik cracks jokes to keep Naira smiling. He wants her to be happy. He can’t see her sad.

He tells Lav and Kush that Naira can teach them dance. He provokes her by talking the opposite. Naira goes with the kids to teach them dance. Dadi sees Kartik helping Gayu in the work. She gets upset seeing them. She feels Gayu is crossing her limits. She wants to talk to Singhania family about her. Naira is angry on Kartik. She vents out anger by dancing. She dances with aggression. Lav and Kush dance with her. Kartik hides and watches her dancing. He is afraid of her anger. Lav and Kush ask her who dances in anger, does she want to break her leg. They ask the problem. She tells him that nothing is wrong, her mood is normal.

They see Kartik and ask him to come for dance. Kartik tells them that Naira’s dance isn’t right, he can teach them. Lav and Kush give him a camera, and ask Kartik to shoot pictures. Kartik captures her in the camera. He tries to find excuses to spend time with her. He tells Naira that they will take the puppy for a walk. Naira asks Gayu to go with him. Samarth helps Gayu in her work. Gayu goes with Samarth to attend her work. She sends Kartik and Naira together, hoping they resolve their differences. Dadi creates a ruckus around Gayu’s stay in Goenka house.


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