Fresh Hits: TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Fresh Hits Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan fixes some decorative lights. The bahus try to trouble her and make a new plan. Akshat asks Guddan about the lights. Guddan tells him that she wanted to fix the lights to please the family. She gets a current shock and falls. Akshat saves her. He tells her that she should decorate the entire house. She gets tangled in the wires. They have a moment. He frees her from the lights wires. Guddan notes down her mistakes on the chits. He pulls her leg seeing the many chits. He realizes his mistake and feels guilty over Antara’s death, after reading Guddan’s chit. Guddan feels bad to see him in pain. It was a painful phase of his life. Guddan wants to share Akshat’s sorrow.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara’s motives fail, when Suyash decides to marry Falguni. Uttara tells Shom that everything will be ruined with Niyati’s return. She wants to kill Niyati. Falguni ruins Uttara’s plans. She solves all the problems. Uttara objects to Falguni’s surrogacy idea. She asks Haryali to stop Falguni. Haryali supports Falguni and just wants a heir for Rawat family. Suyash tells Falguni that he doesn’t believe in matching kundlis, but his parents do, so he obeyed them with respect, but Falguni and he are made for each other. Haryali agrees with Suyash.


Suyash feels proud of Falguni, that she has come up with surrogacy idea and saved Niyati’s marriage. Niyati gets thankful to Falguni for such a big help. Uttara gets a nurse’s disguise and comes to stop the surrogacy. Falguni gets the examination done. The surrogacy gets done successful. Falguni carries Niyati’s child in her womb, just to give the heir to Rawat family. Uttara gets angry that she has failed in her attempt to kill Falguni.

Mariam Khan:
Aaliya’s birthday bash turns out to be a sorrowful event. Mariam goes missing. The family gets worried for their lovely Mariam. Fawad tells them that Mariam isn’t with him. Madiha says I tried to call her, but she isn’t receiving. He asks where did she go, if she isn’t at home. Zain looks for Mariam everywhere. He tells them that he has checked the house, she is not at home. Meher tells them that Mariam was just there and disappearance. She suspects Rifat.

She feels Rifat is behind the shocking thing. Rifat stops Choti from taking disguise and running away. Rifat wants to leave too. Choti tells them that if they go together, they will come under suspicion, Fawad will not leave them. Rifat gets angered on Mariam. She tells Choti that Mariam has always been the troublemaker for her. She calls the goon and asks him to kill Mariam. She gets a big shock when she learns that Mariam has run away from goons’ clutches. She asks the goon Ballu to just find Mariam and kill her. She asks him not to give her any bad news, else she will not spare him.

Muskaan celebrates in her mehendi ceremony. She gets Ronak’s name written on her hands. Ronak and Muskaan dance in the Sangeet ceremony. Muskaan performs with Dolly, when Gayatri insists her to dance. Muskaan’s dance reminds Ronak about her brothel days. Ronak angrily slaps Muskaan. He asks Muskaan to stop dancing. Gayatri holds Muskaan and scolds Ronak for slapping Muskaan. Sir ji asks Ronak why is she so angry, what’s the matter, they want to know the truth. Ronak refuses to marry Muskaan. He doesn’t want to answer anyone. Ronak recalls Muskaan’s past. He is much upset and can’t tolerate her background. Muskaan is hurt that she got much humiliated again, and this time its Ronak who has disrespected her.


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