Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer’s wrath falls upon Zara

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara gets insulting Kabeer by her unique ways to teach him a lesson. Kabeer loses his cool and asks Zara if she won’t wear her normal clothing. Zara dresses up like a poor girl. Kabeer angrily burns all her costly clothes. Aisha tries to stop Kabeer. Kabeer burns all the stuff which Zara claimed to have abandoned. Aisha, Zeenat and Kashan get worried seeing Kabeer’s anger. Kabeer tells Zara that she doesn’t know poverty yet, what she is doing with them by leaving good clothes and food won’t make her realize the meaning of poverty well. He says its better you become poor than pulling ahead this drama for long. He scolds Zara for not believing him. He is much hurt by Zara’s challenge.

He asks her to stop this simplicity drama. He tells her that he is working for his community, he is walking on the right path and doesn’t have interest in materialistic things. She challenges him to earn a good living than being idle by this excuse of spirituality.

Kabeer tells Zara that he can’t earn what she wants, but now he wants to see her how she stays like a poor person. He tells her that her drama will soon end. He wants to serve his community and people. Zeenat asks Kabeer to stop it. He says I want to see how long does Zara do this drama. He doesn’t know the reason for Zara’s drama. Zara wants Kabeer to achieve the best in his life. She tells Kabeer that she will spend her life on her own, until he earns a living. She refuses to take help from Kabeer’s family or her own parents. She tells Kabeer that she won’t take anyone’s help, she will keep her self-esteem. She has much faith in Kabeer and wants him to belief in his talent as well.


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