Life Bytes: Build a strong bond with your kids

Life Bytes: Build a strong bond with your kids

Life Bytes: Now-a-days, Parents are facing a lot of pressure in handling kid’s attitude, demands and meeting their expectations. Every parent wants to give their kid a happy, healthy and a better life. A parent has to create a close relation with a child to build a strong and natural bond. It is very important to build a healthy relationship by spending quality time together. The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to spend huge amount of money to build a healthy relationships with your kids.

A small simple gesture is required to improve your relationship with your child. In fact, there are plenty of small gestures you can do to increase your bond and build trust. All it takes is a little time and effort to make your relationship stronger than ever.

Follow these simple tips to build healthy relationships with your kids.
1. Play with Children: Children love to play with parents. They wish their parents to be around them and spent quality time in playing games and talking about their favorite toy or friend.
2. Listen carefully: Children like to get listened and heard. Sometimes, children does not convey their feelings directly, but they wish that the parent understand their wants and demands. So, the parent has to understand their kid thoughts well that will help to understand the emotions the child is trying to convey.

3. Take the child for outing: Kids love to go out with their parents. Plan an outing for lunch or dinner or go for shopping in a super market or a mall that will bring smile on your child’s face. Children will get bored by staying at home by playing and watching the same cartoons on TV. Parents have to take time for kids and take them to some park at least on weekends.
4. Always share a personal story: Kids love to hear parent’s young age stories. We can share a good rapport by discussing our childhood activities and experiences. This kind of interaction makes the bond strong and helps in building trust.

5. Eat together: Family get-together and lunch are a great time to bond. Parents and kids get a perfect time to share their daily activities and have fun.
6. Don’t yell at kids: Now-a-days, Kids are more indulging in mischievous activities. But the parents have to make sure that they should calmly deal with the children in such situations. Children will get habituated to your shouting and take it as granted. This shows parents’ incapability to handle a child and building a trust. The above are some simple and easy tips to handle kids that every parent can easily relate to. Kindly adapt these tips and see a change in your child’s behavior.


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