Udaan Imli to make a surprising comeback

Udaan: Imli to claim her positive entry

Udaan Imli to make a surprising comeback: Chakor gets into a battle of justice once again when she learns about Raghav’s innocence. She meets the bar dancer Sweety, who was with Raghav on the night of the crime. She learns that someone has bribed Sweety for expelling blood from Raghav’s body so that Raghav gets framed in the dirty blame. Chakor attempts to reveal the criminal’s clever planning to frame Raghav. Chakor and Sweety try to reach the police station, but get caught by the goons sent by Rajjo’s culprit.

Chakor suspects either of Rohit, Amit or Akash to be the main culprit, who took advantage of Raghav and Rajjo’s crime and then committed the crime to put the blame on Raghav easily. Chakor gets attacked on the way to the police station. She doesn’t deter and asks Sweety to run to the police station.

However, Chakor fails to fight the goons and gets back. Sweety gets caught by the goons as well, who attempt to kill her. Sweety gathers the courage to become the prime witness in the case. Chakor pleads for someone to help them in time. Surprising, there will be re-entry of Imli Devi, who was spared last time for her mad revenge by Chakor. Imli comes to the rescue of Chakor shockingly. Will she become Chakor’s help or her enemy once again? Imli’s re-entry will be bringing huge twists.


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