Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2: Archie’s big claim next

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2: Archie's big claim next

Things start getting more weird in Kanakgadh post Veer’s return. Veer has very well accepted the truth that Kaal Bhairav rules on the village and everyone is scared of his wrath. Veer has seen Kaal Bhairav affecting the villagers by turning into into lamps and also turning inspector Sumer into a dog. Though this gets unbelievable for Veer’s girlfriend Archie, she also witnesses everything by her eyes and gets believing in Kaal Bhairav’s wrath. Veer and his family stay terrorized by Lali’s curse. Whenever Lali’s spirit appears, they take it as a bad sign. They don’t want Lali to kill anyone else in the royal family. Lali’s spirit appears timely just to warn them that Veer shouldn’t escape from the curse again.

Lali wants Veer to die as well. Archie gets clueless when she spots Lali’s spirit again. She feels Veer has returned to the village and also accepted the heirship duties, and now Kaal Bhairav’s wrath should calm down. Veer agrees to marry the girl chosen by Kaal Bhairav. He apologizes to Archie since he can’t marry her, for the reason that she doesn’t belong to Kanakgadh.


Archie feels shattered with the sight of losing her love. She comes up with a way to participate in the Swayamvar and become Veer’s bride. She intends to protect Veer from Kaal Bhairav’s wrath. Archie gets hell bent to get married to Veer.

Rajguru tells the girls that marrying Veer will be like inviting their death. He tests the girls for their loyalty and dedication towards becoming the royal Bahu. Archie visits Kaal Bhairav temple and tells him that if his curse is true, then her love is also true enough. Rajguru initiates the Swayamvar in the village, while Archie poses the big claim to Kaal Bhairav. Will Archie succeed to marry Veer? Keep reading.


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