Krishna Chali London: Krishna to protect Shukla and family

Krishna Chali London: Krishna to protect Shukla and family

Krishna Chali London: Radhe feels happy to reach Dubai. He falls in big trouble when he gets picked by Dadda’s goon. Dadda tells the family that he doesn’t depend on anyone for his success. He tells Krishna and Shuklain that their husbands are going to die soon. He threatens Krishna that none can save Shukla and Radhe now. Gajanan gets angered on Dadda, who threatens him about the goons in the family, who can kill them on his one sign. Shukla family gets captured by the goons. Dadda likes the fact that he has got the house in his control. He tells Krishna that he has killed Vrinda and now he can see the same fire in her. He tells her that she can’t do anything against him since she doesn’t hold any powers.

He snatches everything from the family. He asks Krishna how will she manage saving her family now. He takes away all the jewelry from the women. He gives some time to Krishna if she wants to try and save the family, without any money and facilities. He asks Krishna to go to Dubai and save Radhe and Shukla if she thinks she is capable.

He ousts the family. He snatches the shop and house. He wants to see how the family survives. The family gets in deep trouble. They get a shelter in Dubey’s house. They devise a plan and send Bela back home to win Dadda’s trust. She acts nicely and wins Dadda’s trust. She asks Dadda to let her stay in the family. Bela succeeds to get a place inside the house. Krishna tells her plans to the family in order to save Radhe and Shukla. Radhe realizes the big trap he fell into. The goons threatens to kill him. Will Radhe and Krishna manage to save the family? Keep reading.


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