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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Dadi creates a big issue of Kartik and Gayu’s growing friendship. She can’t understand the friendship between people where one person had feelings for another. She tells Kartik that Gayu was madly in love with him before, and now she has broken up with Vivaan as well. She wants to alert Kartik and Naira that Gayu’s feelings for Kartik may get revived if she stays with them in Goenka house. She asks Kartik to better keep Gayu away.

Dadi’s taunts on Gayu get breaking her heart. Dadi doesn’t want Gayu to become a barrier in Naira’s happiness. She is very well aware that Kartik just loves Naira. She can’t tolerate anyone else between them. Naira tells Dadi that Gayu can never imagine to break their family. She gets defending her sister by opposing Dadi’s narrow mindset.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: There is a new drama in Vedika and Jacky’s life. Jacky’s mother opposes his drama and turns to burn herself. She threatens to commit suicide. She is upset with Jacky’s drama as Sahil. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to continue this drama. She feels she is losing Jacky to Vedika. Jacky has become Sahil to help Vedika. His mum gets insecure. She tells him that she will not share his love with anyone else. Vedika stops her from committing suicide. Jacky and his mother get into an argument. Vedika tries to put some sense into her mind. She asks her never to harm herself. She promises that Jacky will never become a part of Agarwal family.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni gets the artificial insemination done successfully. Suyash is very protective about Falguni. He tells her that he is very proud of her and feels lucky that she is his wife. Niyati thanks Falguni and gives a Kanha idol to her. Uttara takes a nurse’s disguise and tries hard to kill Falguni by injecting her poison. She fails in her attempt as Falguni wakes up on time. Falguni is excited for the pregnancy phase. She wants to complete Niyati’s family. Niyati is grateful that Falguni is carrying her child. The sisters have an emotional moment.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep is caged behind bars. Aarohi reaches him to trouble more. Deep attacks on her and holds her neck. He doesn’t let her go and shouts to inspector to come fast and see Manpreet. He wants to prove that Manpreet is alive and he didn’t kill him. Aarohi gets free from Deep, and manages to leave from there. When the inspector comes on Deep’s call, he finds Deep shouting. He feels Deep has gone mad. He lectures Deep. Deep gets into a fight with the jail mates and continues to fall in trouble. Virat also adds up troubles for him. Deep is much frustrated. He never imagined he will face this day in the jail.


Gayatri gets the bridal dress for Muskaan. She wants to become a mother for Muskaan. She gets emotional and blesses Muskaan. Muskaan feels guilty hearing Gayatri’s words. She wants to tell Gayatri about the truth. Muskaan takes Gayatri with her to break the truth. Sir ji spots them. He asks Sir ji not to tell anything to Gayatri that breaks her heart. He follows Muskaan and stops her from making the big revelation. Muskaan decides to take Gayatri to the temple and reveal the truth. She is fed up with Ronak’s hatred. Muskaan has reached the saturation point. She has emotionally broken down.

She feels that her emotions are mishandled by everyone. Sir ji brainwashes Muskaan. He tells her that she will be responsible if anything happens to Gayatri. Muskaan gets a bad dream about Gayatri. She gets hesitant to tell the truth to Gayatri. She wants to stop a stop on Sir ji’s manipulative games. Sir ji gets threatening her that she can’t reveal the truth. Muskaan wants to expose Sir ji as well. She feels she is indebted to Ronak and shouldn’t break his trust.


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