Voot Silsila: Kunal’s shocking accusation on Mauli

Silsila: Kunal feels sorry to ruin Mauli and Mishti’s lives. Mahek calms him down and tells him that he needs to control himself, since he isn’t at fault. Kunal tells her that he is responsible for Mishti’s hatred for Pari. Mahek consoles him. Pari does shopping for Christmas. She tells Kunal that they will celebrate Christmas. Kunal wishes Mishti also stays happy like her. Mahek gets an idea and tells Kunal that he can meet Mishti and bring her on the right path by connecting to her in Santa’s disguise. Kunal likes the idea and gears up to become Santa for his daughters. Mauli apologizes to Mishti and tries to connect to her. Mauli asks her to have food. Mishti demands her to get Ishaan. Mauli can’t fulfill her demands. Mishti learns about the Christmas Carnival and thinks to go there to tell her wish to Santa. She believes that Santa will fulfill her wish. Mishti gets excited to go in the Carnival. The family gets happy seeing her cheerful again. Kunal tells Mahek that he wants Mishti and Pari to celebrate Christmas together and happily. Kunal awaits Mishti. Mishti doesn’t see him. She likes the Christmas party. Kunal takes up Santa’s disguise. Mahek tries to take him to Mishti. Kunal thanks Mahek for support. He gets nervous to handle Mishti. Mahek tells him that Mishti won’t know about him. Mishti and Pari enjoy the party and play games with Mahek. Mahek surprises them by calling the Santa. She apologizes to Mishti for scolding her badly. She asks Mishti to just enjoy the party. Mishti stays upset with Mahek, but gets a smile on seeing Santa. The kids make their wishes to Santa. Mishti and Pari ask Santa for a hug together. Ishaan tries to meet Mauli and express love to her again. Mauli rejects his love again. Ishaan gets hurt while rushing to Mauli. Mauli gets disheartened and guilty over Ishaan’s state. Mishti keeps a wish in front of Santa. She wants Ishaan as her father. She tells Santa that Mauli has refused to marry Ishaan. Kunal learns the unexpected decision of Mauli.

Voot Silsila: Mauli gets scared of a cockroach and hugs Kunal. She asks Kunal to help her and save her from this situation. Kunal mocks her situation. She scolds him for always misusing her situation. He tells her that she didn’t wish to see his face and then she has called him to seek help. Kunal makes her get rid of the cockroach. Mauli’s fears come under control. Ishaan tells Mishti about his mother. Mishti feels she is the most important person in Ishaan’s life. Mishti takes time to bond with his mother. She then greets her nicely and wins her heart. Mauli and Kunal share the food, when the mess doesn’t provide enough food to the relief camp doctors, owing to the food shortage just when Mauli reaches there.

Mauli adjusts with the situation like always, but Kunal comes as a helping hand again. Ishaan gets caring for Mishti, while Kunal cares for Mauli. Ishaan tells his mother that very soon they will be meeting Mauli. She wants to know about Mishti’s acceptance towards their relations.

Ishaan knows Mishti is a kid and needs time to accept the new relations in life. He is very much sure that everything will set right. Mauli finishes the day’s work and talks to Ishaan. She shares her tensions. Ishaan tells her that she would be missing him. Mauli attends a patient. She learns that the lady’s husband isn’t with her. Mauli feels heartbroken thinking of the same situation in which she has been.

Kunal and Mauli slip into their past moment, since even he left Mauli for accomplishing his affair with Nandini. Mauli vents anger on such men who are heartless and don’t deserve to become fathers. Mauli tells the lady that she shouldn’t cry for such a man and never give him the chance to become a father. She encourages the lady. She pities such men who disown their children. She feels such men don’t ever deserve to get child’s happiness. Kunal gets angered hearing Mauli’s bitter words about him. He gets accusing Mauli for not telling him about her pregnancy.

He tells Mauli that he would have not gone by leaving her if she told him the truth. He tells her that he deserves to be a father and has a daughter Pari already. He vents his wrath on her and tells her how much hurt he is because of her. He tells her that he is a good father and raised Pari single-handedly. He accuses Mauli.

He tells her that he has moved back in claiming Mishti, knowing Mauli means a world to Mishti. He tells her that he can keep a father’s responsibility towards Pari. He asks her not to judge him as a father, since she doesn’t have this right. His accusation stuns Mauli completely. She is left in tears after his anger blast. Mauli’s past is still related with her present and future. Ishaan doesn’t care for this, but his mother worries that Mauli is still connected to Kunal. She warns Ishaan against accepting a heartbreak.


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