Ishqbaaz Kidnapping twist lined with shockers

Ishqbaaz Kidnapping twist lined with shockers

Ishqbaaz Kidnapping twist Shivay hurriedly finishes off his meeting to go home and meet Anika. Shivay falls in a strange situation when he meets someone, who attacks him. He finds himself captive at some weird place. He doesn’t understand where he is. He calls for help. He gets worried when he gets no help around. His enemy gets talking to him. Shivay tells him that nobody can challenge him. He asks the enemy to let go of him. Shivay tries hard to set himself free. The enemy agrees to free him and takes his tests. Shivay wants to know who is it actually. He gets trapped badly. Shivay feels he can’t find a way out of the dark place. He turns big time surprised when he finds himself in his own house. The kidnapping drama comes to an end.

Shivay signs a big relief seeing his family. He lands up in his house and gets surrounded by the people he loves. He gets a breath finally and finds the birthday surprise. Omkara and Rudra tell him about the shocking and surprising birthday surprise they have planned secretly for him. Shivay gets a warm hug by his lovely. He tells them that he hates such surprises.

Omkara tells them that this was actually Anika’s idea. Shivay tells them that it was really shocking for him. Anika tells him that she has to celebrate his birthday in a unique way. Oberois get into a celebration mood. Omkara and Rudra pull Shivay’s leg.

Shivay tells his brothers that he was really worried. He feels something bad is going to happen. They assure him that nothing will go wrong. Shivay stays restless. He tells them that they should just be thankful for what they have got than making wishes. He thanks Anika for giving him so much happiness by uniting the family. Shivay cuts the birthday cake and celebrates his birthday. The guest Ananya comes up with an idea to play Cop and thief.

Ananya hands over the guns to them. Anika and Gauri become the thieves and hide from their husbands. Obros enjoy the cop and thief game. Shivay and Omkara look for Anika and Gauri. Shivay gets Gauri in unconscious state. He asks Gauri about Anika. Gauri has no idea about Anika. She tries to recall how they got hidden inside the cupboard. They learn that Anika has gone missing. Shivay tries to find Anika and rescue her.


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