Yeh Rishta Kaira surprises and unquestionable baby drama

Yeh Rishta Kaira, surprises and unquestionable baby drama

Yeh Rishta Kaira stay in their dilemma over having a baby. Naira wants to welcome the bundle of joy in her life, since she has been waiting for this since long. She wishes Kartik understands her reasoning for not delaying the pregnancy. Naira gets suspecting that she is pregnant, when she checks up some symptoms. She gets positive and hopeful that she is pregnant. She wants to share her happiness of taking their relationship to the next level with Kartik. She calls up Kartik to share the good news of their beautiful journey, where they will be turning parents. She wants Kartik and her to experience parenthood, since its their long dream, and also their rights.

Naira gets emotional. She doesn’t think that Kartik will be against her pregnancy. She recollects his words that he will not support her pregnancy and would like her to abort the child. She thinks of not revealing any good or bad news to him, until she confirms it herself. She goes for the self evaluating pregnancy check test at home to know if she is thinking the right thing. Naira waits anxiously for the results, and learns that she isn’t pregnant.

The negative result breaks her down emotionally. Naira feels she was close to the most cherished phase of their life, and could have become parents if Kartik supported her mentally. Kartik tells her that he isn’t against her wishes, but can’t put her life in risk. He feels the clot recurring in the brain could be really dangerous for Naira’s life.

Kartik plans a birthday surprise for Naira. He surprises Naira at midnight, when the entire family turns up for giving happiness to Naira. Manish, Suwarna and entire family give the surprise to Naira.

Naira celebrates her birthday in Goenka house after two years. The family tries to make her forget the ongoing tensions with Kartik. Kartik wishes her happy birthday, while the entire family sings a birthday song with love and warmth. Manish asks Naira to cut the cake, since they all are waiting. Goenka family happy celebrates Naira’s birthday and bless her with positivity.

Kartik makes special arrangements to turn Naira’s birthday into something unique. He wants Naira to forget his annoyance and anger. He asks Naira if she has really forgotten her birthday. When Naira tells him that she didn’t remember her birthday, he gets more tensed about her health. He asks her to forget the tensions and just go with the flow. Kartik breaks the good news that Naira has got a big chance for her academy.

Naira gets a chance to participate in International dance competition. Manish tells her that she should sign the documents soon and go for it. Kartik tells her that he will send the documents back. Dadi tells her that its a good time to pick this opportunity. Naira refuses to sign. She tells him that she doesn’t want to dance, as she is concerned for her health. Kartik jokes on her over concerned behavior. Suwarna, Manish and Akhilesh scold him for making fun of his understanding wife. Kartik tells them that he will talk to doctor first. He apologizes to Naira. Naira is hiding some big thing from Kartik. He plans the complete day lined with surprises for her.

Nevertheless, the most beloved couple will be soon having a new beginning of their love, by passing all the tests of love and understanding. Kartik will support Naira’s wish in order to give her the deserved happiness, when she proposes that her pregnancy will complete her life. Kartik and Naira will be soon entering the phase of parenthood. Naira’s journey of pregnancy will be something joyful to watch.


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