Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi-Sikandar’s major confrontation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi-Sikandar's major confrontation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala wants to talk to Sikandar about Nimrat. She hears him taking Nimrat’s name in sleep and sheds tears. She doesn’t want to wake up him. She thinks to talk to him in the morning. Kulfi feels sorrowful that Sikandar’s family has lost the happiness and peace. She gets ready to go for school. Mahendar asks her not to wake up Sikandar. He takes her to drop her to the school. Life gets more troubling for Amyra and Kulfi. Amyra misses Sikandar. She meets Kulfi at the school and avoids her. Lovely stays rude towards Kulfi. Moreover, Mohendar meets Lovely and confronts her for killing Nimrat.

She tells him that Sikandar considers her a murderer and she can’t prove herself. He tells her that she has lied to them all the time and its not Sikandar’s fault that he isn’t able to trust her. He asks her to say the truth to him, since he may help her. She doesn’t think that he will help her, being Sikandar’s brother. She tells Mahendar that she has hit Nimrat by her car by mistake, she couldn’t help her. Kulfi gets applauded by the class teacher. The kids want to help her in her studies. Kulfi gets delighted to get new friends.

Mohendar feels Lovely isn’t lying this time. She tells him that Nimrat rammed into Lovely’s car, it wasn’t a planned accident. Sikandar doesn’t believe Lovely. Gunjan tells Sikandar that Lovely can cross any limits for her personal benefits. Kulfi asks the teacher about divorce. She tells the teacher about Lovely and Sikandar’s divorce talks. Teacher asks her to focus on her studies rather than on others’ lives. Mahendar tries hard to stop Gunjan from revealing the truth. Gunjan tells Sikandar that even her accident was Lovely’s act, Lovely has pushed her down just to stop her from telling the truth.

Sikandar tells them that he didn’t knew about anything before. He asks Gunjan why was Lovely stopping her. Gunjan ells him that Lovely knew Kulfi’s truth and even then sent her to Tevar. Sikandar feels bad that he didn’t know the truth completely. He begs them to reveal it all to him. Mahendar tells him that they have kept silent just for the sake of Amyra and Kulfi’s happiness.

Sikandar feels indebted to them, that they have kept numb even after bearing much injustice. He doesn’t want to spare Lovely. The teachers gossip about Lovely and Sikandar’s divorce. Amyra breaks down hearing the news from the teachers. Amyra vents out anger on Kulfi. She asks Kulfi why did she come in their lives to ruin them. She doesn’t want her parents to get separated. She can’t choose her one parent. Kulfi too cries for Sikandar and Lovely’s divorce. She doesn’t want him to abandon Lovely. She reaches home to meet Sikandar and ask him if he will divorce Lovely.


  1. Too much crying in these episodes . Enough already . They should let the story play out. There should also be other stories rather than make this main story so long and drawn out


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