Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar to revise his relations

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Sikandar to revise his relations

Kulfi Kumar reaches Sikandar to share his sorrow. Sikandar is sinking in much sorrow and reminisces Nimrat. He is hurt that he has lost Nimrat forever. Kulfi thinks to give some time to Sikandar before revealing to him that she is his daughter. She couldn’t spend time with him. She has big wishes to be with him and get father’s love. She wants to tell Sikandar the big truth, since its his right as well to know it. Sikandar feels his life is ruined. Sikandar misses Nimrat. He is angry on Lovely for always hurting his heart. Kulfi doesn’t wake up Sikandar when she hears him taking Nimrat’s name. She sees him going through a painful phase.

Kulfi isn’t aware that Sikandar knows the truth of Nimrat’s accident. She tries to heal Sikandar’s bruised heart by love. She gets a quilt and makes him sleep well. Sikandar dreams that he has lost Nimrat because of his mistakes. He wakes up crying for Nimrat. She has many questions in her mind. She wants to know everything from him. She also wants to tell him their relation. Kulfi values Sikandar a lot, as he is very honest and humble. She wants to ask him why did he leave Nimrat. She wants to tell him that she is Nimrat’s daughter.

Sikandar hates Lovely. He tells Mahendar that Lovely has always lied to them and just acts innocent. He feels cheated that Lovely has always been unjust towards him and his dear ones. Mahendar asks Sikandar to forgive Lovely, since she maybe saying the truth. He asks Sikandar to accept Lovely’s statement that the accident happened by mistake and she didn’t know about Nimrat, being the victim. Sikandar doesn’t know how will he forgive Lovely.

He asks Mahendar how can he believe Lovely again, knowing she can fall to any level for her selfish motives. Gunjan agrees with Sikandar and tells him that her accident wasn’t unplanned, it was Lovely who pushed her away and hit her only to stop her from telling him the truth. Gunjan tells Sikandar that Lovely is really evil and she has seen her evil face too. Sikandar gets a bigger shock knowing Lovely has hit Gunjan and is responsible for Gunjan’s ill condition. He apologizes to Gunjan for being ignorant and asks her about the truth which she wanted to tell him. Mohendar and Bebe stop Gunjan from revealing Kulfi’s truth. Will Sikandar learn Kulfi’s truth? Keep reading.


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