Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi confronts Pragya’s big lie

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya bonds with Abhi’s family like before. Abhi finds her smiling happily. He feels bad that she has hidden his happiness for such a long time. He doesn’t think she should be happy. He gets upset with Pragya. He wants to confront her for lying to her. Purab and Disha try to stop Abhi and Pragya’s argument, so that everything stays fine. Disha asks Purab to stop Abhi from talking to Pragya. She tells him that they should make Abhi and Pragya perform, but not let them talk. Purab tells her that he doesn’t have any proper solution to stop the storm. Abhi and King have the talk about the ongoing issue. King finds him troubled and asks him not to worry. King worries for Abhi.

Abhi taunts him that King is in a better place than him. King asks him to believe the woman he loves. He offers help to Abhi. He tells Abhi that he can try to talk to his lover if he wants his help. Pragya stops them from talking further. She doesn’t want things to get totally transparent, since that will create troubles for her. King asks Abhi to take his advice. He wants to know who is Abhi’s lover. Abhi gets confused. Purab and Disha make Abhi and Pragya away. Abhi stays restless and wants to vent out his frustration. He asks Pragya to come for a talk with him.

Pragya fears that he may talk about the matter of which she is afraid. Disha creates hurdles for them. Purab tells Disha that he has made a plan to keep Abhi engaged. King makes a team with Pragya. Tanu joins Abhi. Abhi gets jealous seeing Pragya with King. Tarun and Neha’s families get into a tug of war. Abhi doesn’t care about the game. All he thinks is to talk to Pragya. The game brings a moment between them. After a long eyelock, Pragya gets away. Tanu yells at Pragya for falling over Abhi romantically.

Pragya tells Tanu that it was an accident. Tanu gets insulting Pragya. She confronts Pragya for always hiding the truth. She asks Pragya not to dare come back in Abhi’s life. Pragya thinks Tanu can never change. She confronts Tanu about her fake marriage with Abhi. Tanu answers Pragya by posing a question about King and her relation. She asks Pragya to stop pretending to have a relation with King Singh. Pragya doesn’t owe her any explanation. Tanu humiliates Pragya further. Pragya doesn’t want Tanu to find her secrets. Abhi confronts Pragya about lying to him about Kiara, that she is his daughter.


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