YHM Shocking IshRa’s murder conspiracy next

Spoiler Ye Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita to die

YHM Shocking: Payal produces the evidences against Sudha. She has taken help from Raman. Raman and Ishita get a good way to make Sudha pay for the mistakes. They lay the trap. They make fake evidences against Sudha to put her in a fix. Payal tells Sudha that her dad has died in her hospital. Raman asks Sudha to pay a compensation to Payal so that there is no criminal case against her. Payal tells them that she will just do as she wants. Raman and Ishita further trouble Sudha by the labor laws. Raman asks Sudha to support Payal financially and also get her brother treated well. He asks Sudha to sign the funding cheque for Payal. Raman tells Payal that her family will get protection from now on. He fails Sudha in her own plans and gets taunting her over troubling them so much.

Meanwhile, Poor Rohan and Karan stay hopeful that its their last day at work and their mom will come soon to take them home. They want to know when will this come to an end. Raman and Ishita get grateful to Bala for all the help. Bala tells them that they are one family. Rohan and Karan think their mom has taken everyone at task. Ruhi fools them that they will be soon going home. Raman and Ishita tell them that Sudha has won in the battle. They accept the defeat. Rohan and Karan get big hopes. They think their imprisonment will end tomorrow.

Sudha loses her cool to accept the defeat. She tells Kaushalya that she can’t be at peace, she wants to take revenge on Raman and Ishita. Raman tells Ishita that Sudha has troubled them a lot, and now they have to make sure that Sudha doesn’t come up with anything again. They think that Sudha would be in shock now. Sudha really conspires Raman and Ishita’s murder. Sudha loses her senses. Kaushalya stops her from committing a crime and landing in jail. She asks her to think about her sons. Sudha breaks down thinking about her sons.

Kaushalya tells Sudha that they will be soon finding some way to get her sons. Rohan and Karan get dressed up and wait for their mom to come with baraat. They pack their bags and quit their job. Bhallas joke on their big hopes. Raman tells them that Sudha isn’t coming with any baraat for them. Aaliya and Ruhi break the truth that Sudha has accepted the defeat. Sudha comes to meet her sons. They ask her to take them home, but she remains speechless.


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