Silsila: Time for Mauli’s big realization

Silsila Twist Mauli revives Kunal from death

Silsila: Time for Mauli’s big realization Kunal talks to Pari on phone, when she misses him. Pari asks him to come back home. He explains the medical emergencies. He tells her bedtime stories and puts her to sleep. He loves Pari a lot and does a father’s duty well. He stays disturbed with Mauli’s words. Mauli too feels bad and recalls Kunal’s bitterness. She didn’t mean to hurt him. She reaches him to tell him that her intentions weren’t to break his heart. After the stunning accusation, Kunal and Mauli slip into the memory lanes of their past.

Mauli misses their old time and wishes that Nandini didn’t come between them. She feels Kunal isn’t able to sleep hungry, since he has given the food to her. She goes to prepare some food for him, knowing he is sitting awake and in trouble. She realizes Kunal’s concern for her. She also wants him to forget whatever happened. She sends the soup for Kunal. He gets the timely help and realizes that its Mauli, who has prepared it. He feels bad for blasting anger on her. They share a moment of silent understanding.

Meanwhile, Ishaan and his mother meet Radhika and Dida. Radhika gets Mauli’s call and tells her about Ishaan. Ishaan asks Radhika not to tell Mauli about his mum’s coming, else she will get worried. Ishaan’s mum Sandhya sees Kunal’s family bonding.

Ishaan tells her that he will tell her few things later. Dida asks him to stay transparent in all the matters with his mum. Sandhya learns that Mauli is actually Radhika’s Bahu, not daughter. Dida tells her that they are Kunal’s family, not of Mauli, but they love Mauli more than a daughter, and chosen her to support at the time of Kunal and Mauli’s separation. Sandhya gets aback. A lady Savitri dies shockingly by cardiac arrest. Mauli worries for the little baby left by Savitri.

Ishaan’s mum doesn’t want Mauli to live with her ex husband’s family. Ishaan tells Sandhya that Radhika and Dida are Mauli’s family now. She doesn’t agree with him. Ishaan is sure that Mauli isn’t connected to his past now. Sandhya asks him to see the reality, Mauli is still connected to Kunal’s family. She worries for Ishaan’s future. Ishaan doesn’t think anything wrong. She asks him to see the truth and move on in life.

The doctor prepares to send the baby to an orphanage. Mauli takes up the baby’s responsibility for two days. She gets busy to attend emergencies. Kunal handles the baby well. Mauli realizes that Kunal is a good father. She really feels sorry. They share the responsibility of the baby. Mauli tries to keep Kunal away. Sandhya has big dreams for Ishaan’s marriage.


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