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TellyReviews Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi decides to confront Pragya during Neha and Tarun’s sangeet. While playing the game of pulling rope, Pragya falls on Abhi shocking Tanu and surprising many. They have an eye lock. Tanu shows doubt on Pragya for not sporting sindoor on her forehead and not wearing mangalsutra. She tells that she is seeing the tension on her forehead and has a doubt on her marriage. She questions her asking if her marriage with King is real or just fake. She tells that she has a feeling every time that King and her relation is for showoff. Abhi confronts Pragya for hiding about Kiara.

Internet Wala Love: Aishwarya tries to provoke Jai against Aadhya and tells that she was using him as a Servant. Meanwhile, Rupa manages to get successful to create misunderstanding between the both. Aadhya believes Rupa and regrets to love Jai. Jai makes Aadhya sit in his car forcibly. Aadhya confronts him about his post on social networking site. Jai tells her that he didn’t do anything against Shubhankar uncle. He asks do you think that I can do anything against Shubhankar.

Aadhya blames him for writing Match Fixer on the social wall and tells that you had sent the message that you are coming in 10 minutes, but then you didn’t come. She tells him that she was waiting for him to take Shubhankar to hospital, but when he didn’t come, she doesn’t want to see his face after that and asks him to stop the car right now.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Aao Saheb wants to present Malhar’s bad avatar in front of people and thinks to present him as devil and troubling husband for Kalyani. She thinks Malhar don’t deserve the Police uniform. She comes to Kalyani and talks politely with her. She tells her that Malhar can’t behave badly with her granddaughter and make her victim of domestic violence. She asks her to inform her if Malhar raises his hand on her again. Kalyani hugs her. Malhar touches Kalyani’s foot as it is injured and asks her to bear the pain. He tells her that he is bearing the pain which she gave him. Kalyani says it is a misunderstanding and says I am telling you since long. Malhar holds her cheeks angrily and asks her not to increase his anger. Kalyani calls Aao Saheb and says she needs to talk to her.

Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi gets Janki killed by the robbers cleverly. They rush her to the hospital. Prithvi and Sherlyn are happy that Janki can’t tell Preeta about their truth now. He comes to the hospital and shows fake concern, asking why did this happen with Janki. He asks Sarla not to take tension. He says I am stressed seeing her condition. Sarla asks him not to say a word and blames him for Janki’s condition. She tells him that she saw him throwing the box on the robber, making him angry and shooting Janki.

Roop: Ranvir tells Roop that Day 2 did not go so well, and tells that he doesn’t need to do anything to distance Ishika and him. He asks Roop to accept defeat. Roop asks him not to worry about his defeat and tells that he has trust that today will be better than yesterday and his wife Ishika will hug him happily. Ranvir says to leave the hug, she will blast with anger seeing your face and says this Day 2 challenge will be heavy for you.

Mariam Khan:

Fawad gets Mariam out of the truck. They both fall in danger when the politician’s goons get after them. They run inside the jungle. The goons follow them and shoot down Mariam. Fawad worries for Mariam’s injury. He revives Mariam by talking to her. He wants to make sure that Mariam is safe. Rifat learns that some guy has saved Mariam. She gets angry and asks Ballu to kill the guy along with Mariam. She doesn’t know that Fawad is the one who is saving Mariam. She gets too happy and dances, thinking she is soon going to get the haveli and get rid of Mariam forever.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Anand leaves for America. Naina and Sameer were unaware of the storm which will hit their lives. Sameer chooses Naina when Vishaka gives him a choice to decide between Naina and her. Tai ji thinks it is good that Anand left, now she can control without Anand’s interference. Rakesh and Tai ji follow Naina and see her with Sameer, and resting her head on his shoulder while listening to music. They are shocked and shout at Naina’s name. Naina and Sameer get shocked too. Rakesh and Tai ji scold Naina and take her home. They refuse to let her go to college and objects for Naina and Sameer’s alliance. Naina and Sameer confess their love in front of them.


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