Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli’s return

Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli's return

Udaan Chakor wants to find Rajjo’s culprit. Anjor gets hospitalized when she learns the truth that Suraj left them. Raghav meets Anjor when her state gets bad. He tells Anjor that he is her dad and he will never leave her. Anjor smiles seeing him. She makes Raghav promise. Chakor gets emotional seeing them. Rajjo gets scared seeing Raghav. Chakor explains Rajjo that Raghav is innocent, he was framed in the dirty blame, he didn’t do any crime. Rajjo takes time to calm down. Raghav meets Rajjo and apologizes for being rude to her before. Chakor convinces Rajjo to forgive Raghav, Raghav tells Rajjo that he will fight the battle with her, since he also wants justice now.

He wants to find the real culprit so that Rajjo gets justice. He tells Rajjo that its her right to get justice by punishing the evil doer. He tells Chakor and Rajjo that the real culprit won’t be spared now, and once they find the culprit, he will first bash him up and then hand over to the police. Raghav’s talk of bravery and justice remind Chakor of Suraj. She deeply misses Suraj and wishes that he was with her.

On the other hand, Imli’s strange gesture moves Chakor. Imli saves Chakor’s life and does a favor on her, while the police suspects Imli to be behind the crimes happening in Aazaadgunj. Chakor doesn’t think that Imli is again targeting Aazaadgunj. Imli has come back for the positive approach this time. She wants Chakor’s forgiveness. She is sure that Chakor will forgive her with a big heart. Chakor decides to meet Imli and know her motives behind returning to Aazaadgunj. Imli wants some fun in her life. Chakor wonders if Imli is hiding some big secret from her. What twists will Imli get along? Keep reading.


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