Anurag succeeds to unmask Navin’s evil in Kasautii

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Anurag succeeds to expose Navin finally. He also raises a hand on Navin. He finds Navin getting mad and slaps him. Navin tells his black deeds. Navin doesn’t get scared of Anurag. Anurag has known all the truth. Navin asks Anurag not to shout, he is not well. Anurag says you won’t be well now, I have learnt all the truth about Madhuri and you, you aren’t Madhuri’s Devar, I have seen you living as husband and wife, you have made her wear the mangalsutra. He scolds Navin for his illegitimate relations. Navin tells Anurag that he has married Madhuri, she is an amazing woman, who saves him from all the problems, that’s why he calls her Jaan. He says I m going to marry Prerna today, you can stop me if you want, what else can you do than slapping me. He challenges Anurag and asks him to do something that he gets hanged to death.

He reveals the murder plotting. Anurag threatens to kill Navin. Navin tells him that killing is his work, he buys, sells and kills people. He tells Anurag that I have done your accident. Madhuri stops Navin from his mad confessions. She tells Anurag that Navin is lying in anger.

Navin says its the truth, I wanted to see Anurag dying, since Anurag has made my life hell, I want Anurag out of my life. He says if you died, we would have taken your ashes to Haridwar, then I would have slept in peace. Anurag finds him too disgusting. He feels sorry for Navin, since his bad fate is close. Navin challenges that he will marry Prerna. Meanwhile, Prerna learns Navin’s truth. She slaps Navin in anger. Navin gets a big shock when Prerna rebels. Anurag helps Prerna and frees her from all the society and financial pressures. Navin tries to blackmail Prerna and count his favors on her. Prerna refuses to marry him.


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