The end of Salim and Anarkali’s Dastaan-E-Mohabbat

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat Salim and Anarkali battle King Akbar

Salim finds Anarkali’s portrait burnt. He wants to know who has lit his love this way. He feels that he is being silent about his love for Anarkali because of the promise given to her, but people are taking him for granted and trying to dominate while assuming him to be a weak lover. He wants to break his silence and declare his love for Anarkali. Salim tries to meet Akbar and tell him about his love and wish to marry Anarkali. Anarkali doesn’t let Salim commit any mistake. She has postponed her marriage with Salim, only to get him married to Maanbai first. She wants Maanbai to become the first wife of Prince Salim.

Salim doesn’t know what’s Anarkali planning. He blindly believes in her promise. Anarkali is helpless because of the promise made to Jodha Bai regarding freeing Salim from all bonds of her love. Anarkali bears the humiliation from Maanbai, while Jodha becomes a silent witness of it. Jodha then speaks up in defense of Anarkali. Jodha is thankful to Anarkali for always being Salim’s protector.


Anarkali stays loyal towards the royal palace. Maanbai gets mistaken of Anarkali’s intentions and often reprimands her. The news of Salim and Anarkali’s affair spreads like fire, and soon reaches Akbar. Akbar can’t believe that Salim wants to marry Anarkali. He kills the informer who gives him the bad news. Akbar declares that Anarkali will become a dancer. He orders to turn Anarkali into a bonded labor. Anarkali gets tied up and gets the dancer’s stamp on her hand. Akbar titles Anarkali as a dancer and challenges Salim’s love. He insults a woman and her self-esteem. Anarkali turns into a dancer to perform in Akbar’s court. Akbar wants to see Anarkali’s dance performance and compels her. Will Salim accept Anarkali’s huge insult? Keep reading.


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