Ishqbaaz Rajiv turns out to be a fatal threat

Ishqbaaz Rajiv turns out to be a fatal threat

Ishqbaaz Rajiv and Jai plot against Shivay: Shivay realizes that Anika has got kidnapped. Everyone tries to help Shivay. Bhavya and Rudra accompany Shivay. Jai gets glad and wants Shivay to always remember his unlucky birthday. Shivay, Bhavya and Rudra get out of the dark passage and realize that Anika was taken though the same route. They try to find Anika. Bhavya helps a lot in finding clues. She gets the CCTV footage checked to find more about Anika’s disappearance. Omkara takes Gauri home and gets her treated by the doctor. Gauri cries for Anika. Omkara tells Dadi and Nani that Shivay will surely find Anika. Gauri tells Shivay that she fainted because of the anaesthetic gas. Shivay promises her that he will be finding Anika. Shivay connects the dots and realizes that Anika has been taken away in the ambulance. They get the details about the ambulance.

Shivay calls up the hospital and learns that the ambulance was stolen by someone. Shivay gets stressed thinking about Anika. Dadi sheds tears thinking of the bad sight which caught Shivika. She feels bad for Shivay bearing so much sorrow and pain since his childhood. She wishes Shivay gets happiness in his life. She was happy that Anika brought happiness in Shivay’s life, but now he can’t live without her.

She doesn’t want anything to happen to Anika, since everything will shatter along. Shivay tracks the driver and asks him about Anika’s kidnapping. He doesn’t get any proper clue that would take him to Anika. He doesn’t know how will he find Anika. Shivay struggles a lot. Dadi stays isolated in her room. She collapses down. Aruna and Nani learn about her state and try to revive her. Sahil gets more angered towards Shivay. Gauri reprimands him against speaking ill about Shivay. Bhavya and Rudra try to gather the information to help Shivay at the earliest. The Oberois face a shocking sorrow while they make attempts to revive Dadi. Shivay hunts for his enemy and tries to find Anika. Rajiv comes back in picture. He threatens to kill Shivay. Shivay fights back for saving Anika.


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