Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2: Archie to pass Kaal Bhairav’s tests

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2: Mysterious Curse Plot Revealed

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2: Maharani dislikes Archie for no reason. She doesn’t want Archie to marry Veer and become the bahu of the royal family. She clears out to Rajguru that Archie shouldn’t pass the tough tests set by Kaal Bhairav. She asks Rajguru to stop Archie from becoming Veer’s wife. He tells her that Archie will never be able to clear the first test. He is sure that Archie will die if she goes for the test before anyone else. He also assures Maharani that Archie will be dying before marrying Veer. Maharani plays a game and makes the three contestants away, so that Archie goes for the first test. Archie has no idea that Maharani and Rajguru want her to die. Archie wanted to help the three girls and promised them that she will be going to face death first.

She wants to win the first round of the Swayamvar, so that no other girl loses her life. She wishes the test starts on her and then she puts an end to it. Archie’s devotion towards Kaal Bhairav gets tested, when she is sent to spend a night in Lali’s old house and the jungle, only to get blessings from both Kaal Bhairav and Lali.

Archie gets terrified when she spots Lali’s spirit. She has to collect Lali’s blessing in the form of soil and sindoor. Archie gears up for the big test. She gets ready to become Veer’s wife, even at the cost of her life. She doesn’t want to lose this golden chance. She fights with her fears to win the Swayamvar. Archie goes to the spooky old house, only after hearing the old horrific stories about numerous deaths happening there. Archie gets strong-minded to fight with the curse. She wants to protect Veer from Kaal Bhairav’s wrath and the long running curse on his family. Will Archie succeed in her task? Keep reading.


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