Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi questions reckless Sikandar

Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: A dive into the past

Kulfi doesn’t want to become a reason for Sikandar and Lovely’s divorce. She meets Sikandar to ask him not to divorce Lovely. She tells him that Amyra was much upset and crying in the school, hearing about the divorce talks. She asks Sikandar how can he break Amyra’s heart. She asks him to answer him. Amyra goes home and vents out anger on Lovely. She doesn’t want Lovely to get separated from Sikandar. She tells Lovely that the teachers were talking about. She doesn’t want to choose between her mom and dad. Lovely tells Amyra that she will not divorce Sikandar. Kulfi wants to know why did Sikandar leave Nimrat. She asks him why does he always loves people and leaves them.

Sikandar recollects Nimrat by hearing her words. He tells her that he can’t explain her. He shares that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone, he was helpless to hurt the person he loved the most. She tells him that she wants to know about his decisions. She stops herself from telling him the truth. Mahendar and Bebe try to give some sense to Sikandar. They try Sikandar to get Lovely back home. Lovely gets angered that Kulfi has spread the divorce news in the school. Tony tells Lovely that Sikandar would be thinking about divorce, that’s why Kulfi has heard it and asked in the school. He doesn’t want Lovely to take the first step.

Sikandar doesn’t want to take the first step in sorting the fight. His family asks him to approach Lovely and forgive her. Cutie tells Lovely that Sikandar will break the relation, knowing Amyra isn’t his daughter. Tony asks Lovely to send the divorce papers to Sikandar. He wants to win over Sikandar. He doesn’t want Lovely to beg to Sikandar again. Sikandar doesn’t want to forgive Lovely for Nimrat’s death. Mahendar tells Sikandar that he is also guilty and now he is putting all the blame on Lovely. He scolds Sikandar for intentionally breaking Nimrat’s heart and abandoning her.

He asks Sikandar to realize his mistakes first. Sikandar breaks down when his elder brother blasts anger on him. Tony contacts the lawyer for the divorce formalities. He asks Lovely if she wants to keep Amyra or not. He asks her to call him back once she gets mentally prepared. Mahendar and Bebe meet Lovely to convince her for coming back home. Sikandar sinks into Nimrat’s memories and back time. Gunjan opposes Lovely’s comeback in the family. Sikandar deals with his inner dilemmas. Lovely finds Amyra in pain. Sikandar finds Kulfi in pain. Both the girls want Sikandar and Lovely to unite. Lovely regrets to ask Sikandar for divorce. Sikandar weeps over his destiny. Sikandar and Lovely’s fight gets more ugly because of the intervention of their families.


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