YRKKH Akshara to turn into Naira’s guide

Yeh Rishta Tonight Akshara connects Kartik and Naira

YRKKH Akshara becomes Naira’s moral support: Naira connects to Akshara after a long time to get answers to her problems. She feels that she could be pregnant, and maybe the test kit wasn’t accurate. She gains courage from Akshara’s diary. She reads Akshara and her thoughts to receive some guidance. She tries to know what has Akshara done being in her place. She finds solace knowing more about her mother. She hides the diary from Kartik. She wishes that Kartik realized her feelings. Akshara becomes Naira’s guide in such a phase where Naira isn’t able to share her feelings with anyone. Kartik wants her to understand his feelings of love, care and worry.

Naksh gets worried for Kirti. He gets pampering her. Samarth bids adieu to Goenka family. It gets emotional moment for everyone. Naira weeps for Samarth’s leaving. Kirti gets to spend good time with the family elders. Naksh likes to stay happy. He wants them to be happy all the time. He records the special moments in his phone.

Naira finds a way to relieve her stress. She dances and expresses her feelings. Kartik visits the hospital to collect the reports. He meets his old friend, while the doctor waits to talk to him regarding Naira. Doctor finds Kartik busy. He is sure Kartik and Naira will come to him to talk about the pregnancy. He wants to tell Kartik to take extra care of Naira. Naira feels dizzy. She goes to the hospital for a pregnancy check up. Naira gets stressed to know the result. Doctor congratulates her for the good news.

She tells Naira that she is pregnant. Kartik checks the medical reports and learns that Naira is really pregnant. Naira turns overjoyed with this news. She finds positivity around. She imagines herself with a little newborn. Naira then fears for Kartik’s reaction. Naira goes to break the good news to Kartik, unaware that he already knows the truth. Kartik tells her that he knows that she is pregnant.


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