TR’s Quick Reads: Kulfi-Amyra’s plans and more

Quick Reads: Kulfi-Amyra's plans and more

Quick Reads Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely and Sikandar have an ugly argument and head for divorce in anger and ego. They get angered on each other. Lovely feels he doesn’t care for her. Sikandar can’t forget her crimes. Amyra and Kulfi witness their argument, when they hear that Sikandar is willing to divorce Lovely. Amyra gets crying and blames Kulfi for breaking her family. She is upset that her parents are getting divorced. She asks Kulfi why is she trying to become her sister. She vents anger on Kulfi. Kulfi asks Amyra to just stop it. She reveals the truth that Sikandar is her dad too. She says you are really my sister, this family is mine too. Amyra and Kulfi have an emotional moment Kulfi scolds her being the elder one. She puts some sense in Amyra’s mind. Amyra tells her that they will stop Sikandar and Lovely from getting divorced. Kulfi promises Amyra that they will unite Sikandar and Lovely.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Prerna breaks off the marriage with Navin. She slaps him hard and breaks his tooth. She asks Navin how dare he try to kill Anurag. She hates Navin. She tells him that she will not forgive him for this crime. Prerna realizes that Anurag has always been true about Navin.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara continue to have clashes. They have a face off. Shahbaz tries to stop their arguments in public. She is upset to hurt Kabeer, but she wants him to be independent. Shahbaz wants Kabeer to make his space in Shariah board and get a business centre there. Zara is aware of Shahbaz’s plans. She wants Kabeer to do his self business. She gets rude towards Kabeer and insults him in front of Shariah board members. She becomes bad in his eyes. She wants him to feel his ego hurt and try to change. She pushes him towards earning for the family.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika and Sahil run away from Bhoomi’s clutches. They hide inside the jungle. The goons get after them. Vedika and Sahil get chased. They try to trick the goons and take disguise. Sahil romances Vedika. He is happy to be with Vedika, no matter in which situation and place. Sahil tells her that nothing matters to him, than being with her. Bhoomi and Usha try to find them. Sahil lights bonfire for Vedika’s relief. He finds Vedika happy and smiling. He enjoys this sight. They live some good moments. Sahil wants to protect their coming child. He doesn’t want Vedika to take any tension, since he is always with her. They get to stay in a small cottage.

Jija ji Chath Par Hai:

Ilaychi gets upset with Pancham. She gets jealous of Sweety. She wants to make Pancham jealous now. She talks to Titu and other guys in front of Pancham. She takes Pancham’s class. She expresses her annoyance over Pancham. Pancham tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong, he can explain her. He tries to talk to her. Ilaychi asks her not to feel jealous. She flirts with Lalit. Pancham sees them and turns jealous. Ilaychi goes for a bike ride. Sunita sees Pancham angry. Pancham tells Sunita that Ilaychi has gone for extra classes. Sunita says maybe Ilaychi is in love with someone. Ilaychi wants to settle scores with Pancham.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Tara visits Deep in jail. She gives him a gun. Deep keeps the gun with him. They have a moment. Tara finds Deep in a bad state and pities with him. Deep feels happy seeing Tara. Tara is madly in love with Deep. She doesn’t change, but stays crazy. She can go against the world for the sake of Deep. She tells him that she will help him. Deep just loves Aarohi, and wants her to understand him. Deep doesn’t know why Aarohi misunderstands him. Deep has done everything to protect Aarohi. Deep makes a plan to get out of the jail. Virat gets suspicious of Deep’s plans. He wants to stop Deep from escape. Deep and Virat’s clashes continue. Tara becomes Deep’s psycho lover again. She will turn more obsessed for Deep again.


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