Twisted! Ronak and Muskaan to get married

Unusual marriage twist for Ronak and Muskaan

Ronak and Muskaan finally proceed to get married. Ronak, Muskaan and even Sir ji try hard to stop the marriage. Muskaan wanted this chapter to end soon. She didn’t wish to lie to Gayatri and family. Muskaan is hopeful that some miracle happens and this marriage stops. She pins hopes on Ronak. Ronak plans to stop the marriage some how, but gets helpless since he can’t refuse in front of Gayatri. The rituals soon begin. Ronak and Muskaan exchange the garlands. They sit in the mandap and then take the wedding rounds as well.

Sir ji doesn’t want a brothel girl to become his Bahu. Ronak hopes that Sir ji stops the marriage and reveals the truth to Gayatri. He takes a big risk and asks Sir ji to tell Gayatri about stopping the marriage. Sir ji asks him to do the honors and speak up the truth. Ronak and Muskaan’s plan gets failing. Gayatri wishes the wedding rounds to complete soon, so that Ronak and Muskaan get married by all the rituals and customs. Ronak doesn’t know how to shatter Gayatri’s happiness. Muskaan is scared that the marriage will complete.


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