Huge shocking twists in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Huge shocking twists in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

There will be big twists in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. Sikandar and Lovely’s fights reach the public. The media gets to see their fight and reach there to cover it, since Sikandar is a famous singer. Sikandar’s fight gets known to everyone. Media asks him if he will divorce his wife. Tony gets enraged and tells them that Lovely is asking for the divorce, Sikandar is not the one to decide anything. Gunjan scolds Tony for being such a careless father. She comments that Tony and Cutie are such parents who don’t value any relation. She doesn’t expect anything from Lovely, who got wrong upbringing from her parents. She tells him that Lovely doesn’t respect her husband, and doesn’t deserve respect in return. Tony tells Lovely that she will cry if she stays with such illiterate bunch of people. Sikandar gets defensive of his family.

He asks Tony to stay in his manners. Lovely too steps ahead to defend her parents. Tony and Gunjan argue further. Lovely asks Sikandar to end the matter right away by giving her divorce. Sikandar agrees to give her divorce. Their relation shatters. She asks him to leave from her life.

Sikandar tells her that he has divorced her from his heart and will finish formalities soon. Lovely gets broken down. Kulfi and Amyra get to see Sikandar and Lovely’s ugly fight. The girls shed tears. Lovely’s parents take her side. Tony asks Sikandar to see his illiterate ways. Sikandar and Lovely’s open war breaks the hearts of their daughters. Mohendar asks Sikandar to stop it, the media will ruin his image by this matter.

Sikandar says Lovely thinks we are her puppets, and we will dance on their fingers. He vents out anger on Tony. He tells Lovely that this is the reason that he isn’t asking for more time for giving divorce. Gunjan asks Tony to talk about Lovely’s misdeeds. She threatens to expose Lovely’s crimes. Mahendar stops Gunjan from revealing anything in front of the media. Lovely returns her wedding ring to Sikandar. He leaves from the blood donation camp in anger. Kulfi and Amyra break down with the horrible sight. Tony asks Lovely to sign the divorce papers. Lovely tells Tony that Sikandar is her husband, she doesn’t want to sign. He compels her to sign the papers. Amyra stops Lovely and asks her not to sign. Lovely signs the papers. She tells Amyra that she is doing this for her. She asks Amyra to believe her. Lovely is in love with Sikandar and hopes that he doesn’t sign the papers.


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