TGI Friday’s Telly Spoilers YRKKH, Silsila, Muskaan

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Telly Spoilers YRKKH: Naira gets the birthday surprise by Goenkas and Singhanias. Kartik throws a grand party to celebrate Naira’s birthday. He apologizes to her for fooling her. He says this is the real fun of surprise. He gives her a lovely bouquet. Everyone dresses up in rocking costumes, and compliment Naira. Kartik and Naira express love for each other. Kartik unites Naira with Singhanias again. Kartik finds the perfect toy to gift Naira. He gets a baby toy and brings joy on her face. They get happy and dance with the family. Everyone sings and blesses Naira one after another. Everyone is too happy with this news. Kartik surprises Naira with a cute tiger teddy dance. Naira feels special. She is happy that Kartik didn’t oppose her pregnancy for long and accepted it happily.

Harman repeats the moments to make Soumya remember the past. He gets Soumya to the house where they used to live before. They have spent time in that old house. He makes her wear his jacket and makes her Harman. He wears a saree and becomes Soumya. He tries to remind her their old moments. They both clean the house. Harman just wants Soumya back. They get into arguments. Harman tells Soumya that he is shy to change clothes in her presence. She laughs on his shyness and makes a saree curtain for him. He tells her that this has happened with them before as well and she reacted the same way as she is his Gulabo. Harman asks her to just recall their past. They arrange some furniture and set the house.

Ronak promises Muskaan that he won’t marry her. He takes the wedding rounds with her. He doesn’t get the rounds complete. Sir ji shouts and collapses. Ronak leaves Muskaan in the mandap and goes away. Sir ji gets a heart attack. Ronak rushes to take Sir ji to hospital. Ronak and Muskaan’s marriage stops because of Sir ji. Sir ji gets threatened by someone to stop the marriage. Muskaan gets in dilemma when the marriage stops. Gayatri gets too worried for Sir ji. Everyone forgets about the marriage and just prays for Sir ji. Muskaan doesn’t know if this is Sir ji’s plan or anything else. She is in shock when she is left in the mandap. She is happy on one side that she got saved from cheating Gayatri.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mr. Iyer has to recover to tell Nisha’s truth to the family. He gets attacked by Nisha again. Nisha takes a nurse’s disguise and tries to inject him. He has no idea about her revenge intentions. He is much hurt because of her dirty allegations on him. Nisha doesn’t want to spare him.

Raghav finds Rohit hiding bulk money. He gets suspicious of the money, since Rohit is jobless. He wants to know how did Rohit manage to get so much money. He asks Rohit if he has won any lottery. Rohit asks Raghav to mind his own business. He doesn’t let Raghav know about his meeting with Imli. Rohit has become Imli’s informer just for the sake of money. He is ready to commit any crime for Imli. But, Imli doesn’t want to kill Chakor or family. She enjoys the slow and steady game of revenge and wants to settle scores with Chakor in a different way. The family fears of Imli’s return.

Silsila: There will be new entry in Silsila. Mauli and Kunal are coming closer. Mauli is falling for Kunal once again. Mauli gets reminded of Ishaan and tries to limit her heart. She tries to keep her promise and marry Ishaan. Sandhya isn’t happy with Mauli. She doesn’t want her son to marry a divorcee. Kunal thinks of settling down again just to get a mother for Pari, when he finds Pari longing for Mauli. He knows Mauli can’t be a mother for Pari. He wants to marry someone suitable, who can take Nandini’s place in Pari’s life. He realizes that Pari needs a mother.


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